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Why Choose Sonic for Electronic Assembly in San Jose?
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The electronic assembly and manufacturing sector in San Jose continues to boom, and the area is a leading innovation hub for new technologies. Product teams who want to succeed in this exciting environment need an electronic assembly partner they can trust. Read on to see what makes Sonic Manufacturing stand out from the crowd and learn why you should choose us as your electronic assembly service provider in San Jose. With the constant compression of development cycles and a rapidly evolv…
Stanford ME 219 Magic Field Trip
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We had an amazing time on a tour of our facility with the engineering students from Stanford University on November 5, 2021. Sonic has worked with Stanford for 10 plus years. We open our doors every year to give tours of our facility to the Mechanical Engineering Students in the Master’s Program. Last year was a virtual tour but this year we started in-person learning once again.  It is always fascinating to see Sonic through the eyes of these students and the curiosity they have …
When are Flex Circuits the Right Solution?
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Flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs) are often able to solve packaging issues when rigid PCBs can’t and are among the top PCB trends of 2021. They can help you manufacture a wide range of devices from watches to robotic arms. In fact, the global market for flexible PCBs is projected to grow by more than 11% by 2025. Whether you need to meet partial or full flexing requirements, it’s critical to find a flexible PCB tailored to your manufacturing needs. This brings us to an important questio…
Building the First Autonomous Digital Supply Chain
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David Ginsberg just completed the digital supply chain. Now he wants to show other companies how to do it. Sonic serves virtually every industry in Silicon Valley,’ David Ginsberg, VP of Supply Chain for Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, tells me. ‘Medical, military, aerospace, consumer, industrial sensors, entertainment systems, automotive, drones…you name it, we’ve probably got it in the building.’ Sonic is the largest electronics manufacturing service (EMS) in the Valley. To put that…
Sonic Manufacturing Transforming Vision into Reality
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It’s not just what Sonic Manufacturing Technologies makes for our business partners… it’s what we make possible… transforming vision into reality. We welcome you to watch our new video to learn more. With best total solutions and a lifetime of partnership… it’s no wonder we are a driving force for the engine that is the dynamic Silicon Valley. From crowd funded to top 10, business to consumer… we are dedicated to your business… delivering award-winnin…