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Bay Area Custom Circuit Board Assembly

Circuit board assemblies must meet the cost, speed, quality, and scalability demanded in both consumer-level and industrial-grade designs.

At Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, we offer Bay Area-built custom circuit board assembly solutions that support a range of industries, including the automotive, aerospace, and medical sectors.

What’s Needed in Any PCB Manufacturing Design?

A range of factors determines the success and viability of any PCB manufacturing design. Among them are the costs, testing services, quality, and speed at which your circuit board designs can be manufactured.

Circuit Board Costs and Scalability

Especially concerning scalability, cost can be a big factor in your PCB design choices. This is influenced by the choice of materials, such as solder, quality of electronic components, and the team’s expertise. 

Our design partners, such as Fusion Design, help optimize the design and manufacturing of your PCB and PCBA layouts. This ensures your circuit builds meet your specifications while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Circuit Board Testing and Quality

Consumer and industrial-grade electronics require rigorous testing to identify potential failures and errors that can be catastrophic if not caught early.

The burden on customer service and technical support can be mitigated with industry-leading testing and quality control. Our processes include ICT, FPT, X-ray, functional, and burn-in tests to validate the working parameters of your electronic components and prevent premature failure.

Industry-Specific Services

Your industry may require custom-built solutions designed for specific systems. We handle custom box builds and cater to a wide range of industry-specific requirements.

Box Builds for Circuit Board Assemblies

We handle the design, production, and construction of customized enclosures. This includes installing the PCBA and cable harness assembly required for electromechanical systems.

Our custom solutions give you full control over your component performance and compatibility requirements needed for industry-specific circuit builds.

Industry-Specific Circuit Board Assemblies

We provide industry-specific circuit board assemblies for automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and semiconductor manufacturing. Design specifications unique to aerospace and medical applications often have tolerance levels and strict IEEE specifications that must be adequately adhered to ensure compliance.

Do You Need Custom Circuit Board Assemblies in the Bay Area?

Your custom circuit board assembly deserves the best in scalability, cost, and customization. Whether the design is for aerospace, medical or any other industry, Sonic has the expertise to build your custom circuit board assembly.

Get in touch with Sonic Manufacturing today for your custom circuit board assembly in the Bay Area, San Jose, Fremont, Silicon Valley, Milpitas, Palo Alto, and Mountain View.