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Advanced Electronic Manufacturing Services

advanced electronic manufacturing

At Sonic Manufacturing, we understand that developing a successful product requires multi-disciplinary capabilities from your contract manufacturing company. We can help your team bring production home with our advanced electronic manufacturing services in Fremont, California.

Sonic – Your Advanced Electronic Manufacturing Partner

For over two decades, Sonic Manufacturing has worked with product teams across California to build the next generation of electronic devices. As technology continues to reshape the world, we leverage advanced systems and technical expertise to ensure our customers get the highest quality of manufacturing services.

Manufacturing Engineering Expertise

Our team of engineers and technicians, and our automated supply chain solutions ensure your product’s quality during every step of the product development lifecycle. From prototyping to design for manufacturability (DFM), Sonic Manufacturing has the technical expertise and dedicated resources for all your complex electronic manufacturing or assembly requirements.

Some of the industries we serve include:

Manufacturing Support

From our state-of-the-art facility in Fremont, California, Sonic Manufacturing provides comprehensive manufacturing support for startups or established product teams. If you need to redesign an existing product, prototype a new design, or develop manufacturing process instructions (MPIs), we can assist.

For new product introduction (NPI) programs, we use live production lines during the prototyping phase to ensure manufacturing issues don’t delay your launch. Our ESD-controlled production systems can handle both high and low-volume production runs.

Our facility’s capabilities include:

  • High-speed production lines that are flexible enough to handle any electronic manufacturing requirements
  • Dedicated test suites to ensure each product’s quality
  • Automated supply chain solutions for real-time transaction processing and efficient component sourcing
  • Advanced stock replenishment and inventory management systems

Electronic Manufacturing and Assembly Services

When it comes to product quality, we maintain several certifications for our manufacturing processes including ISO 9001 and 13485. Our team can work with your product designers to develop a test program that guarantees only the highest quality electronic products come from our production lines.

Some of Sonic Manufacturing’s capabilities include:

  • Inspections using x-ray, 3D, and AOI (link to new Inspection page)
  • PCB board layout and engineering
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) and for test (DFT)
  • NPI and component engineering

For any advanced electronic manufacturing requirements, Sonic can deliver a complete end-to-end product design and production service. We specialize in surface mount electronic assembly and provide a contract manufacturing solution in the Bay Area.

We help product teams in Fremont, Palo Alto, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View. By choosing us as your Bay Area advanced manufacturing contractor, your team will gain additional proximity benefits.

Onshore Your Electronic Production with Sonic Manufacturing

We remain committed to customer excellence while being flexible enough to support any product team. We use the latest technologies and ecommerce solutions to ensure that we can fulfill any order in the shortest possible turnaround time. Our team understands that bringing a product to market successfully requires detailed planning and a smooth, one-time-through process.

We will work with your engineers and designers to eliminate bottlenecks in the manufacturing process, establish an effective test program, and deliver the quantities according to your forecasts. With more companies opting to onshore their production requirements, Sonic Manufacturing is an industry-leading advanced electronic manufacturing contractor for product teams in the San Francisco Bay Area.

To discuss your advanced electronic manufacturing requirements with a team of dedicated experts, contact Sonic Manufacturing today.