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Sonic has supported prototyping and productions needs for a number of networking clients over the years. We have the unique ability to apply our experience over a multitude of industries including Radio Frequency (RF) products that require mature and experienced personnel to understand the point-to-point, multi-point, 802.11, and other modalities needed to meet customer requirements.

Sonic has a seasoned team in the Sonic founders who come from the MQA/Stanford Telecom teams with the expertise to handle the unique challenges that RF products present. We have on staff RF engineers to support test development, full turnkey production, and sophisticated test strategies for final test and logistics of RF products.

Traditionally, both networking and RF tests are performed manually and require highly specialized test personnel. Once the volumes increase these tests can be performed on automated systems for networking customers. However, the skill sets required need to deal with complexities associated with highly reliable equipment for data centers. Sonic has supported builds of both low- to high-power transmitters including extremely sensitive receivers and complex chassis to be used in data centers for management of networking traffic.

  • Rapid and consistent sourcing of unique components critical to Wireless products
  • Layout capabilities of complex backplanes and custom boards for networking equipment, including controlled impedance, component selection, compliance testing, and more esoteric designs
  • Combined 40+ years of experience in fixture and test development specializing in automated and semi-automated test development
  • Simultaneous testing of transmitters and receivers through customized shielding
  • Sonic designs PCBs and provide a complete turnkey solution for pilot builds of various applications of networking boxes. We transitioned these to low-cost solutions once the OEM is satisfied by the performance and reliability of the product.
  • Sonic built and tested high-volume precision GPS receivers used in the control of agriculture and road construction equipment. We built and tested precision GPS repeaters 1.5GHz receive and 10GHz transmit used in open pit mining, as well as transceivers used for reading RF ID tags at 400 and 900MHz.