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Headquartered in Fremont, California, Sonic provides in-house printed circuit board (PCB) layout, prototyping and New Product Introduction (NPI) through full assembly (PCBA) production in as little as five to ten days.

Sonic offers a true partnership in building customized solutions based on each of our customers’ unique requirements. A “can do” attitude and “customers first” approach allows Sonic’s industry-leading operation to provide creative solutions and maintain a strong vendor partnership and supply base. Contact Sonic Manufacturing for a Quote or for a facility tour.

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Electronic Manufacturing Services

PCB Layout and Engineering Services
PCB Assembly Services
Turnkey Manufacturing Solutions
Advanced Supply Chain Services
HAL Automated Supply Chain Solutions
International Procurement Office
Supply Chain Materials Management
Supply Chain Outbound Logistics
Reverse Logistics and Depot Repair
Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services
Box Build Assembly Services
Custom Cable Assembly Services
Electronic Prototype Assembly Services
Wire Harness Assembly
Contract Manufacturer for Electronic Assemblies in Silicon Valley
Flex Circuit Manufacturing and Assembly
PCB Layout Services
PCB Assembly Company in San Jose
Advanced Electronic Manufacturing Services
BGA X-ray Services
Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Services
Contract Manufacturing Company in the Bay Area
Quick Turn PCB Assembly Services
Prototype PCB Assembly Services
Circuit Board Manufacturing 
Consumer Electronics Manufacturer
Cable Assembly Manufacturers
Assembly Manufacturers in San Jose
Printed Circuit Boards Make Today’s Medical Devices Possible
PCB Manufacturing for Medical and Biomedical Devices
Consumer Electronics Assembly in San Jose
Electronics Integration Services Engineering Prototypes San Jose
Cable Harness Assemblies in Fremont
Box Building Services In San Jose
Contract Manufacturing Company in Fremont
Circuit Board Assembly in the Bay Area
Circuit Board Assembly in Fremont
PCBA Services for Salt Lake City Companies
Cable Assemblies in Fremont
San Jose Box Building Services
Circuit Board Assembly Services for Salt Lake City Companies
Medical Device Assembly and Contract Manufacturing
Need Complete EMS Services? Look no Further than Sonic!
Electronic Prototyping Company
Circuit Board Assembly Services Bay Area
Circuit Board Assembly Services Near Sacramento
Concept Prototypes in San Jose
Contract Manufacturing Company Near Sacramento
Custom Wire Harnesses
Healthcare Device Manufacturing in the Bay Area
Medical Device Development Services
Cadence Allegro and Altium In-House PCB Design Services
Flip Chip Assembly Services
Partner with Sonic Manufacturing for Electronic Prototype Assembly Services
Tips and Tricks for Efficient PCB Layout

Markets Served and Services

Sonic Manufacturing Market Experience
Automotive, Aerospace, Defense Electronic Manufacturing Services
Renewable Technology Product Development Services
Computing and Storage Prototype, Assembly Services
Development, Manufacturing for Labs, Incubators and Startups
Industrial Test Equipment Assembly Services
IOT and Wearable Device Development and Assembly
Medical, Biotech Device Development and Assembly
Networking and Communications Product Development and Assembly


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Copper Thieving in Printed Circuit Boards
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4 Tips for Achieving Quick Turnaround PCB Assembly Services
What is PCBA Box Build Assembly?
Tips for Effective Communications with your PCBA Supplier
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The Use of PCB Ground Planes in PCB Design
The Critical Role of PCBA Supply Chain Management
PCB Trace Width and Spacing – DFM