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contract manufacturingIf you need a reliable contract manufacturing company in the Bay Area, Sonic Manufacturing Technologies should be your first choice. We are a dedicated contract manufacturing service provider that ensures you get the quality products you need, on time, and without hassle.

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies’ Contract Manufacturing Services

Since we opened our doors in 1996, we have worked diligently to provide the Bay Area with a manufacturing service that’s efficient and cost-effective. Our facility and processes remain adaptable enough to take on any size contract, while also being fast, accurate, and consistent.

Our PCB Assembly and Electromechanical Manufacturing Services and Capabilities

We have an 80,000 square foot contract manufacturing facility in San Jose fitted with the latest high-speed, surface mount assembly lines. Sonic’s flexible manufacturing process and agile approach to contract manufacturing allow us to work with any type of company.

We work with you to optimize your manufacturing process, source your OEM components, and produce your products according to the highest quality standards or specifications.

Our PCB assembly and electromechanical manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Surface mount production lines using paste or epoxy adhesives
  • Through-hole component assembly with intrusive reflow soldering
  • Water-soluble or no-clean manufacturing processes
  • Double and single-sided reflow processing
  • Both leaded and lead-free manufacturing capabilities

We also use a custom, in-house supply chain sourcing solution to ensure we have the materials available, no matter what the size of your order may be. Our supply chain management, PCB manufacturing capabilities, and outbound logistics services ensure the shortest turnaround times for your orders.

When You Need Exceptional Quality from Your Contract Manufacturing Company

To help you get the quality products you need, we have the necessary test and inspection tools available. We are ready to take on even the most complex product designs. Our team of engineers and certified manufacturing technicians can help you minimize bottlenecks, maximize efficiency, and ensure a reliable product supply chain.

From our headquarters in San Jose, we serve procurement teams in Silicon Valley, Hayward, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Mountain View, or Burlingame. We also serve the wider Bay Area and have digital capabilities for the fastest turnaround from contract placement to complete production.

Sonic’s PCB and electromechanical contract manufacturing solutions include:

Optimize Production Cycles with Sonic as Your Contract Manufacturing Company in the Bay Area

Sonic Manufacturing has the tools, people, and processes available to manufacture any type of PCB or electromechanical product. We provide contract manufacturing services to all major industries, including the automotive, defense, aerospace, biomedical, IoT, and wearable device sectors.

If you need a reliable and efficient contract manufacturing company in the Bay Area, reach out to Sonic Manufacturing Technologies today.