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Sonic knows that when it comes to your demand fulfillment; our model must be seamless to your model. Therefore, we have created a broad palette of services that can be individually chosen to support your business requirements.

Sonic Manufacturing can delivery product directly to you or to your VARs, resellers or 3PLs. We can even include your branded packing slip and packaging on each shipment. Need a country specific manual, power cord or software load at the time of order? We can integrate your configure & ship requirements into our demand fulfillment process.

On the IT side, we facilitate data relationships between all parties so that demand-data flows from you to Sonic and the carrier, and shipment-data flows from Sonic back to you. This includes tracking ids for delivery and serial numbers for warranty coverage.

Finished Goods Inventories

Keeping it simple? Sonic can build to forecast and scheduled purchase orders…

Configure to Order (CTO)

Sonic knows how to work with your major assemblies. If you can offer a near infinite array of model numbers or configurations to your customers that are produced from a relatively small pool of assemblies and components; we can keep your inventory down and your flexibility up with the following solutions…
  • Assemble to Order (ATO) from previously purchased materials. Typically mechanical assembly and final pack out.
  • Build to Order (BTO) a unique product to your end-customer’s specifications. Often includes surface mount production and/or hand soldering as well as mechanical assembly and final pack out.
  • Configure to Order (CTO) from manufactured PCB assemblies, mechanical assemblies and purchased materials. Each configuration may vary by end-user specifications; or regional language, power input, software load and packaging.

Order Fulfillment

Sonic can deliver to all your destinations, including commercial businesses, box-store retail, single-piece residential, regional manufacturing sites and international warehousing & distribution.

We offer…

  • Same-day order fulfillment.
  • Worldwide shipping.
  • Inventory status reporting and file sharing.
  • Customer-branded packing slips and packaging.
  • Serial number traceability.
  • Carrier tracking IDs.
  • Full reverse logistics and depot repair capabilities, including warranty & non-warranty repair and upgrades of products built anywhere at any time.

Modeling Your Supply Chain:

What if the United States was Your Market and Your Manufacturer?

By manufacturing in the market you sell into, you eliminate the delays, complications and costs of transcontinental logistics: sea freight, transportation inventories, container fees, fuel surcharges, insurance, emergency air-freight, 3PLs, truck transit from ports and large-lot warehousing costs. They become the legacy solution of the past. Communications goes up, flights and headcount go down.

Finance will be thrilled: The Sales department can more regularly meet their budget now that the product mix is quickly realigned to actual demand. “Blaming the forecast” goes away as everyone’s favorite past time. Finished goods inventories go down since fewer of the wrong products are built. E&O liabilities drop; and so do their balance sheet entry.

With shorter replenishment cycles and fewer handoffs, your planning, execution and control improves significantly. Sales, marketing and the end customer will be ecstatic at the result: an increase in product availability and faster-than-ever response to customer demand surprises.

The executive team can seize the opportunity and run with it: committing delivery of product to new accounts before the competition can even get theirs off the boat. Customer satisfaction goes up; lost business goes down. The supply chain has become the competitive weapon.

What if You Support Global Sales with Consolidated Manufacturing?

On behalf of our customers, Sonic ships finished products all around the globe. Sometimes it is simply too cost prohibitive to divide your product volume into smaller regional builds or to manage multiple global EMS partners. Sonic Manufacturing is an excellent choice for consolidated manufacturing and world-wide order fulfillment.

For regional variations, Sonic can offer you economies of scale on the common “insides” of globally branded products. Final configuration & branding can take place locally within the end-country or international region. This both avoids the international freight costs on larger, heavier mechanical assemblies and enables compliance with the domestic content laws of the particular country. We have supplied subassemblies to EMS in China, Malaysia, Korea and Thailand; and would be happy to work a total cost model with you.

Sonic administers all freight documentation, including NAFTA, commercial invoices, international documentation and customer-branded packing slips. All outbound shipment information can be provided to you as electronic files.

Besides having daily scheduled pickups with carriers such as FedEx and UPS, Sonic maintains relationships with freight forwarding companies. We have Customs Bonds and Powers of Attorney in place to clear problems and expedite deliveries. Do you have a preferred carrier or 3PL that works well for you? You can specify your carrier at any time.

Other Considerations

Perhaps additional business priorities such as local engineering support and the protection of intellectual property weigh heavily in your decision? Or have communications, responsiveness and control been impeded by time zone, language and culture? Would business results have improved with face-to-face teamwork instead of continent-to-continent work teams? Does your “local” provider sidestep issues of speed, accuracy and cost by assigning responsibility to a distant corporate office?

Perhaps like many, you have come to realize that Unit Cost is not Total Cost. A “PPV” that consumes ever greater amounts of cash, inventory, transportation, personnel and obsolescence is not a financially sustainable business model. Our customers have done the math, reviewed the metrics and defined their end customer value proposition: In-region manufacturing is head-to-head cost-competitive with the world. Let us prove it.