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What Are the Benefits of Box Build Assembly
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Box Build Assembly Services – What is Involved? A box build assembly is an integrated system built around a printed circuit board (PCB) or set of boards and other modules. This system usually includes an enclosure and wiring, which are used to connect the box build to the next higher assembly. Enclosure design and materials are determined based on the application (indoor / outdoor for instance), heat signature (like for networking and servers) and usage (like personal wearables or tableto…
When are Flex Circuits the Right Solution?
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Flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs) are often able to solve packaging issues when rigid PCBs can’t and are among the top PCB trends of 2021. They can help you manufacture a wide range of devices from watches to robotic arms. In fact, the global market for flexible PCBs is projected to grow by more than 11% by 2025. Whether you need to meet partial or full flexing requirements, it’s critical to find a flexible PCB tailored to your manufacturing needs. This brings us to an important questio…
Emme (a Sonic Mfg. Customer) Earns Product Innovation Award
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Congratulations to our customer Emme for making the 2021 Fast Company Most Innovative Wellness Companies list. Emme ranked fourth on this year’s list for their Emme Smart Case system. This clever little piece of technology automatically tracks birth control pill consumption, sending reminders when necessary to reduce the likelihood of failure. In beta testing, it reduced missed pills by 80%. “Thanks for all the support from Sonic! Your commitment to our product has helped us get wher…
Printed Circuit Boards Make Today’s Medical Devices Possible
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As technology provides greater convenience to consumers, it is also transforming how we access health and medical services. Advances in capabilities will continue to grow the market for medical devices, with analysts expecting it to reach $432.6 billion globally by 2025. One key component that supports this growth is printed circuit boards (PCBs). Modern medicine depends on these electronics to automatically perform any number of functions. A PCB can use wireless networking to monitor, st…
Flexible PCB Applications and Ideas
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In a world where electromechanical devices keep getting smaller and designs become more complex, new products continue to push the boundaries for flexible PCB applications and ideas. Flexible PCBs (also called flex PCBs) are a key enabler of modern, high-density electronics and have become the core component of many modern products. Flex PCB Benefits in Electronics Since the first circuit boards came to market, product designers faced issues due to the delicacy of a circuit’s internal …