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Flexible PCB Applications and Ideas

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In a world where electromechanical devices keep getting smaller and designs become more complex, new products continue to push the boundaries for flexible PCB applications and ideas. Flexible PCBs (also called flex PCBs) are a key enabler of modern, high-density electronics and have become the core component of many modern products.

Flex PCB Benefits in Electronics

Since the first circuit boards came to market, product designers faced issues due to the delicacy of a circuit’s internal connections. Their products required solid casings to protect against damage that could lead to a complete failure of the device. However, the rise of flex and rigid-flex PCBs have overcome many of those shortcomings.

Flex PCB Applications and Uses

Flex PCBs provide a high level of pattern density and interconnection folding capabilities. These characteristics offer efficient, thin product designs previously unachievable with rigid PCBs.

To produce today’s sophisticated electronic devices, manufacturers utilize flex supporting technologies on their production lines. The primary goal is to enhance their manufacturing efficiency and remain cost-effective, while also improving the yield and output of their flex PCBs.

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies uses a variety of processes to produce flex PCBs. These include improving traditional sheet-to-sheet material handling or using automated roll-to-roll (R2R) processes that allow us to create complex flex PCBs that can accommodate any design.

Essential Industries that Utilize Flex PCBs

Flexible PCBs may be more expensive but they operate more reliably than other printed circuit boards, which makes them perfect for any type of product design. For example, flex PCBs are commonly used in mobile phones, medical devices, and wearable products.

In addition, industries that use flex PCBs (sometimes called FPCBs or FCBs) include:

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Medical and wearable biotech
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Consumer electronics

Due to their improved resistance to vibrations and movement, flex PCBs exist in all kinds of portable electronics, disk drives, desktop printers, and other consumer products. Modern design tools help our engineers to neutralize production issues for flex PCBs. These specialized design for manufacturing (DFM) solutions reduce the time required for manual editing and reduce manufacturing errors.

Reasons to Use a Flex PCB in Your Product Design

While there are many different flex PCB applications, deciding when to use them should depend on the product. If you have spacing considerations, irregular shapes, or a small sized product that requires the reduction of cabling, flex PCBs are ideal. Flex PCBs can help your product designers save space and build lightweight boards for your devices.

Your Flexible PCB Manufacturing Company in the Bay Area

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies can help with Flex PCB design and layout as well as the production of your complete product. We work with product teams from our headquarters in San Jose, California.

We help companies with the entire manufacturing lifecycle, from prototype to final build and shipping, proudly serving the Bay Area including San Jose, Silicon Valley, Hayward, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Burlingame, Mountain View, and beyond.

To find out more about Sonic Manufacturing’s services and capabilities, get in touch with us today.