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Sourcing the Right Components from Sonic’s Global Supply Chain Services

A product is more than the sum of its parts, but one bad component can compromise the whole. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies understands that the quality of every component is just as important as the manufacturing process. We help our customers by sourcing quality components and parts using our global supply chain services. Sonic has developed a set of innovative solutions to help you reduce turnaround and lead times while adapting to changing forecasts quickly and efficiently.

Setting Sonic Apart – Integrated Global Supply Chain Services

One of the major concerns for buyers remains their supply chain’s reliability. Without adequate insight into upstream suppliers, they could experience fluctuations that affect the cost and quality of the final product. Sonic can help overcome these challenges and ensure you get quality parts sourced from reliable manufacturing partners. To support our customers, we’ve developed an integrated global supply solution including an international procurement office that works seamlessly with our in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Materials Management That Keeps Production Lines Humming

Since we started, we knew that the old way of managing materials wasn’t going to be scalable or sustainable without adopting new technologies. The available solutions and prevailing industry approaches weren’t suitable, leading to low data quality and even slower reaction times.

Sonic developed in-house tools that allow us to clear our receiving dock daily. To improve product reliability, we use a proprietary inventory accuracy program that is more stringent than the allowed 95% tolerance for received components. It allows us to ensure we exceed existing material management standards.

Automating Supply Chain Services for End-to-End Support

To ensure we can place orders for millions of parts using just five buyers, Sonic relies on HAL, our automated supply chain solution. HAL is our in-house, self-correcting database that manages our supply chain and procures over 30,000,000 parts per year, automatically spending millions of dollars. We built HAL to do most of our heavy supply chain lifting and so that our staff only handle exceptions, enabling us to reduce errors and streamline the process.

Outbound Logistics to Ensure Timely Fulfillment

Fulfilling your product demands requires a partner that can adapt to changing forecasts. We provide complete demand fulfillment services that help to support your business requirements. Sonic Manufacturing works with your company to develop a model that suits your business processes and responds efficiently to changing forecasts. If you need configure to order (CTO) solutions or same-day order fulfillment, our team will work with your organization to find an optimal solution.

Using Sonic as Your Turnkey Manufacturing Partner in the Bay Area

We have in-house manufacturing capabilities and global supply chain support services that can tackle any project. If you need a reliable electronic manufacturing services (EMS) company in your corner, Sonic’s expertise can help any team get their products to market and ensure end-to-end manufacturing support such as component sourcing and material management, including outbound and reverse logistics.

To find out more about Sonic’s global supply chain services and manufacturing support capabilities, contact us today.