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Computer storage professional Service companies in the computing and storage industry have expanded their offerings to address the growing need of this market segment. As a premier electronics manufacturing services provider, Sonic has been involved with the development and production of various computing and storage products since its inception in 1997.

Our experience spans over a decade building peripheral devices, network servers, storage area networking (SAN), and embedded computer applications. Networking and multimedia companies use these products in various storage applications. In recent years, these companies have become the backbone to several social mediums on the Internet. With the testing process, the difficulty has been that there are rarely any effective debug tools and often there are intermittent defects, as well as subtle failures. To be successful with these products it is essential that there be a strong, well experienced technical team on the production floor supporting the test area. The computing industry is constantly changing and evolving, requiring that all aspects of the industry associated with this market sector be nimble and ready for change. Sonic is a leader in this aspect and is committed to serving its customer base with total integrity and dedication.

  • Confidence with our technicians’ qualifications, many of whom have longevity and are highly experienced in critical debug work
  • Superior resolution of difficult technical issues that impact product yields
  • Collaboration with our seasoned senior hardware engineering team, and your design and test teams
  • Storage has typically been provided by the big OEMs as a very high-ticket value. We at Sonic have collaborated and manufactured the very first “Red box” that is creating a buzz in the industry. This is a very exciting solution for a vast customer base and Sonic is at the forefront to support all customers in various segments. We not only built the first prototype but have since offered design improvement suggestions and cost reductions to make the product a very affordable solution for various SAN and NAS applications.
  • Sonic provides complete electro-mechanical system assembly services, including Configure-to-Order (CTO) and final system test.