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In the IOT & Wearable space consistent innovation, is shifting consumer behaviors. This is creating disruptive new business models thus reshaping consumer industries virtually overnight. There is a race to design and deliver the next great consumer device, be it a 3D virtual reality glasses or a smart watch, embedded camera, or some other tech-enabled accessory.

Sonic’s team is constantly developing techniques to help companies develop, launch and bring-to-market innovative new products and technologies on time and on budget. Sonic is fully equipped to handle the unique global supply chain challenges of our customers, including customized design capabilities, global cost management, risk mitigation and logistics supplies.

Sonic supports innovation throughout product development life-cycle by bringing together robust manufacturing practices, supply chain expertise, operational excellence, innovative technologies and material science. We are much more than just a manufacturing vendor. We are a trusted partner for growth with a comprehensive portfolio of services.

  • Offering full flexibility to our customers on our shop floor along with space and technical expertise.
  • Support customers’ needs to miniaturize there products while keeping integrity of the product in the forefront at all times
  • Supporting use of various materials used and mixing of technologies and keeping an open mind along with the innovators such that they feel comfortable at the Sonic site.
  • Capability to support and develop hardware to develop test for electro-mechanical sub-assemblies in step and repeat format to save customer time and money
  • Fully automated supply chain management systems support customers at the speed of light allowing for changes as they go along in there innovation process without giving another thought to material availability and planning as Sonic has that portion fully covered .
  • Sonic’s local presence and flexible hours including a willingness to work with our customers gives the customer an experience of working in their own business and treating Sonic like an extension of their floor space.
  • Experienced technical and operational teams with total understanding and commitment to the customer and the life cycle of the customer within Sonic. We keep tight controls on the inventory at all times – such that you become the leader in your innovation rather than simply reacting to competitive pressures.