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Our Partner Fusion Design
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Based in Silicon Valley, Fusion Design ( is a leading product and equipment development consultancy with over 20 years of experience with Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering. Fusion Design has done over 1200 projects – building ideas to reality. Fusion and Sonic have a long-standing relationship. Sonic is a partner for manufacturing high and low-volume production needs in all popular technologies.
Cost Effective, Quick Delivery of PCBA’s
With all the challenges facing the electronic manufacturing industry, cost and time as competitive strengths at Sonic Manufacturing Technologies help keep your business on a profitable track. Rising costs, long lead times, and access to talent are the chief concerns for product teams according to data from IPC. In the IPC survey, respondents reported: Rising material and labor costs are stifling profits and limiting growthInventories remain low due to electronic manufacturing supply ch…
What Are the Benefits of Box Build Assembly
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Box Build Assembly Services – What is Involved? A box build assembly is an integrated system built around a printed circuit board (PCB) or set of boards and other modules. This system usually includes an enclosure and wiring, which are used to connect the box build to the next higher assembly. Enclosure design and materials are determined based on the application (indoor / outdoor for instance), heat signature (like for networking and servers) and usage (like personal wearables or tableto…
Sonic’s Supply Chain Difference
Sonic’s supply chain difference is what sets us apart from other electronic manufacturing services companies in Silicon Valley. When we say that Sonic Manufacturing Technologies takes an agile approach to PCB and electronic manufacturing, we mean that we optimize every step in the product development lifecycle. What is Sonic’s supply chain difference? It’s streamlining every step of the process, from PCB design and component selection to supply chain optimization using a network of global…
Why Flex PCBs are Best for Medical Devices and Applications
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The medical industry works hard every day to save the lives of children and adults. Thanks to dedicated working professionals, innovative medical devices and advanced technology, people worldwide are living longer. And one of the ways that technology is keeping up is through rigid-flex and flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs). PCBs are the platform for your circuitry, allowing medical devices like heart monitors, blood glucose monitors and IV therapy infusion pumps to work. Frequently, …