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What to Expect from the Rigid Flex PCB Prototyping Process
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Rigid flex printed circuit boards (PCBs) combine the flexibility of flex circuits with the traditional board functionality of rigid circuits. The end result is a PCB that’s remains flat and stiff where structure is needed, and flexible at others, allowing the board to be folded or flexed to fit into the device. If you’re having a rigid flex PCB created for a specific application, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the customization options that are available. Rigid flex PCBs can be designe…
Silicon Valley Concepts Start with a Prototype
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No place on earth inspires product designers more than Silicon Valley. The city is home to globally recognized companies like Apple, Microsoft, HP, and Adobe. Over recent years, the entire Bay Area became a hub for technological innovation. Although many product teams call Silicon Valley home, investors dished out more than $11 billion of venture capital across the Bay Area in 2021. For any aspiring product team, turning a concept into reality starts with a prototype. Instead of looking f…
3 Future Trends in Printed Circuit Board Technologies
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As experts in the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs), Sonic Manufacturing is committed to keeping up with the latest trends in this industry. While you might not think that printed circuit boards have many options in terms of evolution, you’d be surprised. As electronic devices become smaller, thinner and lighter, circuit boards must adapt as well. As we head into 2022, here are three future trends that we see dominating the PCB industry. 1. Flexible Printed Circ…
Why Choose Sonic for Electronic Assembly in San Jose?
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The electronic assembly and manufacturing sector in San Jose continues to boom, and the area is a leading innovation hub for new technologies. Product teams who want to succeed in this exciting environment need an electronic assembly partner they can trust. Read on to see what makes Sonic Manufacturing stand out from the crowd and learn why you should choose us as your electronic assembly service provider in San Jose. With the constant compression of development cycles and a rapidly evolv…
When are Flex Circuits the Right Solution?
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Flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs) are often able to solve packaging issues when rigid PCBs can’t and are among the top PCB trends of 2021. They can help you manufacture a wide range of devices from watches to robotic arms. In fact, the global market for flexible PCBs is projected to grow by more than 11% by 2025. Whether you need to meet partial or full flexing requirements, it’s critical to find a flexible PCB tailored to your manufacturing needs. This brings us to an important questio…