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Realizing the Value of an Electronic Prototype Partner
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Creating an electronic prototype is essential to new product introduction. No matter how well designed the board is, it’s always possible for mistakes and problems to occur that might jeopardize your product’s functionality. You need to catch these issues before the initial production run, which is why an electronic prototype partner is critical before moving ahead with the manufacturing process. Why Working with an Electronic Prototype Partner is Important Prototypes are essential to …
PCBA – Design for Manufacturability
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Whenever you bring a new product to market, there are many considerations and iterations required to find the optimal design. A key element that designers often don’t consider early enough is the ease of manufacturing the final product. When you’re focusing on adding functionality and improving the product’s durability, the PCB’s assembly requirements may seem inconsequential. However, design for manufacturability (DFM) is crucial to ensure the successful launch of your product. What Is …
New Product Manufacturing Checklist
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Creating a New Product Manufacturing Checklist When it’s time for your new product to enter the manufacturing process, the team at Sonic Manufacturing Technologies prepares a new product manufacturing checklist for that product. This manufacturing plan provides key information to help you prepare for the upcoming manufacturing process. This plan is crucial to plan for equipment, personnel, and capital requirements, and needs developing early enough in the process to allow for appropriate …
Electronic Prototyping for New Product Development
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Concept Prototyping for New Product Development Getting a new product off the ground is a tough enough job without needing to worry about the capabilities of manufacturers too. Once the engineers have put in all the work, the build quality of your prototype should ideally match the final, shippable product. That’s why joining forces early with a company that offers complete electronic manufacturing services is important. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies enables a quicker time to market…
3 Internet of Things Examples
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3 Internet of Things Examples That Show Just How Connected We Really Are Remember when the internet was only on computers? Whether you’re aware or not, you probably come in contact with several connected devices during your daily routine. In fact, there will be an estimated 26.6 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices by the end of 2019. Three Unique Internet of Things Examples That Are Becoming More Common From your watch and fitness tracker to refrigerators and mirrors, it…