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Customer Service and PCBA
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Sonic Manufacturing – Coordinated Customer Service and PCBA Services The design and development of new products can exert significant time and financial pressures as you prepare to introduce your products to the market. Even with short development cycles and cost constraints, Sonic Manufacturing can help you get it right the first time. This requires maximum coordination between stakeholders and optimized production processes. Customer support plays an important role in the manufacturi…
5 Critical PCBA Cost Factors
Not taking PCBA cost factors into account before going into production could be hurting your bottom line and hindering business growth. In the short term, prohibitive small order PCBA costs can prevent innovative concepts from ever reaching the prototype stage. Over the long term, untamed PCBA costs can sink your products’ profit margins. It pays to be aware of what drives PCBA cost factors before you start development. The 5 Key PCBA Cost Factors The 5 biggest PCBA cost factors …
Emme (a Sonic Mfg. Customer) Earns Product Innovation Award
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Congratulations to our customer Emme for making the 2021 Fast Company Most Innovative Wellness Companies list. Emme ranked fourth on this year’s list for their Emme Smart Case system. This clever little piece of technology automatically tracks birth control pill consumption, sending reminders when necessary to reduce the likelihood of failure. In beta testing, it reduced missed pills by 80%. “Thanks for all the support from Sonic! Your commitment to our product has helped us get wher…
Test Your New Project with Prototypes
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As the product development team or company leader, you need to be methodical, organized, and battle-ready. Strategic assessment, market viability, and a competitive edge; these are elements of the campaign that you hope will see your product carve out a place in a hyper-competitive market. It’s no wonder that Sun Tzu’s text, The Art of War, is still one of the most read books by CEOs, Presidents, and other thought leaders. Alternatively, your project may be a leading edge of ongoing devel…
Working with your Contract Manufacturer for Best BOM Practices
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Quality manufacturing and PCB assembly depend on an accurate bill of materials (BOM). While design and product iterations evolve, your team must ensure that every change and impact assessment includes updates to your manufacturing BOM. Selecting parts from a pool of “suitable” devices isn’t the only reason to maintain your BOM, as inaccuracies could lead to devastating downstream effects. A BOM is more than just a list of approved components and materials. It’s a complete hierarchy and a …