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Test Your New Project with Prototypes

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As the product development team or company leader, you need to be methodical, organized, and battle-ready. Strategic assessment, market viability, and a competitive edge; these are elements of the campaign that you hope will see your product carve out a place in a hyper-competitive market. It’s no wonder that Sun Tzu’s text, The Art of War, is still one of the most read books by CEOs, Presidents, and other thought leaders.

Alternatively, your project may be a leading edge of ongoing development towards product improvements and upgrades.  It takes the same planning and verification with support from those who can help most.

Today’s business environment often resembles ancient warfare. It’s not enough to just show up; you need to inspire people and make them experience something tangible before they will follow you. In the world of product development, you need to communicate these ideas in your design and build because consumer trust remains your most valuable asset.

The Benefits of Iterating Prototypes

World-class product development teams depend very little on guesswork. To design a successful product, every angle, function, component, and housing should speak to the user. The only way to ensure your product has the intended effect is to iterate the design and optimize the manufacturing process using prototypes.

The benefits of prototyping are two-fold. First, you can test your design for usability, and second, you can optimize the manufacturing process for profitability. Both of these exercises provide tangible benefits to the end-user and your company.

Not addressing design flaws early in the development process can doom your product, while moving ahead with features that add no perceptible value to consumers means you’ve probably over-engineered your device. Prototyping early and often can help reduce these risks during the development process.

Using Prototyping-Friendly Manufacturers

Some manufacturers are better suited to prototyping than others, allowing you to use live-production lines while developing your product. As time-to-market is still a vital component for ensuring product success, agile prototyping (or rapid development) is one way you can ensure that you iron out all the issues before moving to full-scale production.

At Sonic Manufacturing, we can assist your product team with all development and prototyping iterations. We maintain an agile manufacturing process that accommodates any electronic assembly by prototyping your products on a live-production line. If you need to validate your product against design for manufacturability (DFM) or design for test (DFT) requirements, prototyping the design on the actual production line will highlight any deficiency early.

Product Prototyping with Sonic Manufacturing

At Sonic, we provide end-to-end support for the entire product development lifecycle. From concept to final manufacturing, our team of experienced engineers can help robotic, healthcare, networking, and wearable device product teams to speed up time-to-market while identifying issues early in the process. Prototyping your next product at our production facility will ensure your device ticks all the boxes with the end-user while also optimizing the final design for manufacturability.

If you need access to a team of dedicated professionals and a manufacturing facility that allows you to test your projects with prototypes, your latest products, reach out to Sonic Manufacturing today.