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Sonic understands that medical device and biotechnology companies require an extremely high level of product quality and traceability in component certification and in the manufacturing process. This holds true not only in the current environment but also for the future. Medical device and biotechnology customers require long-term support and maintenance of their manufactured products.
At Sonic we have the infrastructure and certifications in place, and most importantly the commitment and dedication to deliver medical and biotech products that meet our customers’ expectations and technical requirements. We are ISO 13485 certified company. Sonic employs an experienced contract manufacturing team dedicated to collaborating with medical device scientists, engineers, and product managers. Sonic is here to partner in your success.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and test equipment based on our carefully constructed and mature Quality Plan
  • Enhanced scrutiny to screen for counterfeit components and to provide excellent traceability and reliability.
  • 20 years of proven history supporting the medical and biotech markets
  • Sonic manufactures and tests printed circuit assemblies for a Tier 1 laser OEMs. This digital X-ray system is used for the detection of cancer. We have collaborated and met the high-quality and reliability requirements of our customer and continue to support the development of next-generation products.
  • Sonic also builds and tests a varied portfolio of laser systems for our OEM partner used to treat numerous skin conditions.
    Sonic builds a number of subsystems and systems for a leading provider of integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function.