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Whatever it is, start small, build from there and this begins the journey of innovative products and thinking that startup companies need to survive moving forward. Starting small inside a lab or incubator lets the companies see the advantages of innovating and thinking outside the box. It gives companies a path to grow with a basic infrastructure and cross pollination of knowledge.

That’s why these labs and incubators are so popular. They allow a safe way to introduce this kind of thinking inside an organization or a standalone start up. With a whole host of these in the Silicon Valley, Sonic is fortunate to build the latest innovations people are dreaming up.The most important job is figuring out what are the customers’ requirements and fulfilling them in a timely fashion while allowing them as much flexibility as we can on the floor. That’s part of the learning process.

The lab or incubator provides a way to nurture a pocket of innovation. The challenge is that there is constant change. From a digital perspective, that means you can’t just make one change and think you’re done. This constant push from market is demanding innovation to engage customers and to apply design thinking + agile + lean startup methods to make that happen.

  • Local and easily access. Customers come to Sonic and we work on their issues real time together as a true partner
  • Engineering services available for use as and when required
  • Flexibility in schedules and need for constant change is built into our systems
  • We move very fast and are agile and are always working to the customers goals
  • Sonic works with a large percentage of startups and Labs and Incubators and understand s the need for flexibility and a very fast pace
  • Sonic has systems in place for material procurement electronically and move at the speed of light to keep pace with our customer demands
  • We have touched so many innovative products and built so many different ideas – It keeps us focused and at the cutting edge of process