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Electronic Prototyping for New Product Development

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Concept Prototyping for New Product Development

Getting a new product off the ground is a tough enough job without needing to worry about the capabilities of manufacturers too. Once the engineers have put in all the work, the build quality of your prototype should ideally match the final, shippable product.

That’s why joining forces early with a company that offers complete electronic manufacturing services is important. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies enables a quicker time to market from design to shipment by using an agile process – a process that suits new product introduction (NPI) perfectly.

For a complete product development analysis, building the prototype alone won’t suffice. The implications of the manufacturing process requirements will determine the final feasibility of the device. Sonic will assist you with finding and understanding these issues, providing advice and guidance every step of the way.

New Product Introduction Process

Developing Dependable BOMs & MPIs

After you’ve completed the design, the next step to building a quality, reproducible product requires a comprehensive bill of materials (BOM) and accurate manufacturing process instructions (MPI). At Sonic, using an actual production line for product development means early identification of build issues, leading to clearer assembly instructions.

Sourcing Material and Components

Once the BOM and MPI inform the build processes, Sonic will help you source the materials that determine lead times and total unit costs. No matter the PCB or FCP complexity, we use an automated sourcing tool (called HAL) to source the BOM.

With an international procurement office, we can source any component and ensure its quality. Authorized franchise channels, reduced transport delays, and expert clearance services ensure the materials arrive in time for the production run.

Testing, Quality Assurance, and Change Management

No product is perfect from the start. Testing results provide opportunities to enhance both the final product and the processes used to manufacture them. The quality assurance checks and tests we carry out will provide a stable build benchmark for future product runs.

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies runs an agile production process. We adapt to changes in BOMs and MPIs quickly and effectively, working with you to ensure your product’s success.

Scheduling and Demand Management

Sonic will ensure your company can meet demand once the schematics, manufacturing instructions, and BOMs are final (using sophisticated outbound logistics management practices). With eight surface-mounted assembly lines and comprehensive order fulfillment processes, your company will benefit from shorter replenishment cycles and reduced lead times.

Regionalized Manufacturing Using Agile Technology and Processes

Sonic leads the way when it comes to embracing innovative changes to manufacturing and supply chain management processes. Using technology to integrate the entire process, from forecasting to order placement and delivery, means we can help reduce your total cost per unit.

Our focus on the tiniest manufacturing details and ability to do daily material requirements planning (MRP) allows us to produce what you need, when you need it. From our headquarters in California, Sonic serves the Bay Area, San Jose and Silicon Valley as well as Salt Lake City and Sacramento. Contact us today for any electronic manufacturing service advice you need.