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Why Choose Sonic for Electronic Assembly in San Jose?

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The electronic assembly and manufacturing sector in San Jose continues to boom, and the area is a leading innovation hub for new technologies. Product teams who want to succeed in this exciting environment need an electronic assembly partner they can trust. Read on to see what makes Sonic Manufacturing stand out from the crowd and learn why you should choose us as your electronic assembly service provider in San Jose.

With the constant compression of development cycles and a rapidly evolving technology sector, successfully bringing a product to market is a complex process. Sonic Manufacturing works with leading technology and product development teams to provide the shortest lead times and top quality electronic manufacturing and assembly services.

A Leader in Electronic Assembly Services in San Jose

Sonic Manufacturing operates from a modern, 85,000 square-foot facility in Fremont and our team of more than 30 engineers is available to tackle your project. Our services span the entire gamut of electronic assembly, from prototyping to full manufacturing runs on our state-of-the-art production lines.

We provide end-to-end engineering support for teams that need:

  • Manufacturing and assembly process optimization
  • Inbound and outbound logistical support including component sourcing
  • Large and small volume runs with the agility required to adapt to your latest forecasts
  • New product introductions (NPI), prototyping, materials management, and automated supply chain services

End-to-End Electronic Manufacturing and Assembly Services

We believe in building successful partnerships with our customers and are committed to solving any challenge you have with your electronic assembly projects. Our technical team has decades of industry experience and are ready to assist with any type of electronic manufacturing requirement. From box builds to printed circuit board (PCB) layouts, we understand that quality manufacturing is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our electronic manufacturing and assembly expertise includes:

Electronic Assembly Expertise Spanning Many Industries from Sonic Manufacturing

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies has experience with a wide range of major industries including aerospace, consumer electronics, defense, automotive, and more. We use the latest electronic assembly technologies and techniques to ensure our customers get the highest quality products within the required industry specifications and certifications. Sonic Manufacturing also works with startups and product development teams to deliver an optimized, end-to-end electronic assembly project.

To learn more about why you should choose Sonic for electronic assembly and manufacturing solutions in San Jose, contact us at or call us at 510-580-8500 today.