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Sonic’s Supply Chain Difference

Sonic’s supply chain difference is what sets us apart from other electronic manufacturing services companies in Silicon Valley. When we say that Sonic Manufacturing Technologies takes an agile approach to PCB and electronic manufacturing, we mean that we optimize every step in the product development lifecycle.

What is Sonic’s supply chain difference? It’s streamlining every step of the process, from PCB design and component selection to supply chain optimization using a network of global distributors to reduce lead times. With the world’s supply chains experiencing major disruptions over the last few years, we remain committed to helping our customers succeed in this challenging climate.  

An EMS With an Agile Supply Chain that Makes a Difference

Sonic works according to your need dates. We don’t expect you to accept our commit date and adjust your schedule to our liking. Our team operates two shifts a day to bring your rigid or flex PCBs and other electronic assemblies to market quickly and efficiently.

To help you succeed, we:

  • Maintain passive stores, so half of your BoM components are already at our facility.
  • Place 70% of all component orders automatically using a self-correcting database that can keep up with your changes in design.
  • Share your demand data with our suppliers to ensure we can shorten your time to market (using pipeline, bond, and vendor managed inventory (VMI) partnerships with major distributors).
  • Provide ongoing planning, analysis, review, and engineering support to customers throughout the product development and manufacturing lifecycle.

We source more than 1 million components a week and can easily accommodate prototyping requirements or low-volume, high-mix production runs. With a flexible approach and our can-do attitude, Sonic is the premier electronic assembly and contract-manufacturing partner for product teams that need a near-shore EMS solution.

Extensive Logistical and Digital Supply Chain Services

With modern manufacturing capabilities and inbound/outbound logistics support, we provide complete turnkey services, including reverse logistics and depot repair. To optimize the entire process, we developed a digital supply chain solution that can keep up with changes in the real world.

Our supply chain services include:

  • Materials management and component selection
  • Turnkey solutions that reduce lead times and product liability concerns with DFM, DFA, and DFT
  • An international procurement office and automated supply chain solution that limits errors and speeds up the entire process

Streamline Your Manufacturing With Supply Chain Services and Solutions from Sonic

As the largest EMS provider in Silicon Valley, Sonic has years of expertise in almost every industry. Sonic’s supply chain difference and our dedicated team of professionals deliver to the tightest schedules. If you need a near-shore manufacturing partner that’s a recognized leader in supply chain services and solutions, you can trust Sonic with all your electronic manufacturing and PCB assembly needs.

To see how we can assist your team with our supply chain excellence, request a quote by emailing or completing this form.