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Cable Harness Assemblies in Fremont

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Connecting critical equipment with reliable cable harness assemblies is essential for your product’s final quality. Sonic Manufacturing has the necessary capabilities at our headquarters in Fremont, near San Jose, CA to provide reliable wire harnesses for power transmission and signaling applications.

For cable harnesses, wiring assemblies, and any custom grouping of wires that need to operate under challenging conditions, Sonic Manufacturing can assist with sophisticated manufacturing capabilities.

Established Cable Harness Assembly Capabilities

We work with a variety of customers in the electronic manufacturing industry. Our approach is agile and we never compromise on quality. We’ll consider all your design constraints before configuring and assembling a harness suitable for your application.

To find the optimal wire harness design, we’ll:

  • Factor in the operating conditions of the harness
  • Establish the necessary redundancies where required
  • Separate harnesses according to the application (to limit signal interference)
  • Design a cable harness assembly for any type of application and product size

3D Modeling and Prototyping for Analysis

Sonic complies with all industry standards and can assist you during every step of your product design and development lifecycle. Once you have an optimized design, we’ll help with sourcing all the materials and combining your wires into an easy to assemble harness.

Our services will assist you to:

  • Find the optimal design for your electronic assembly’s cable harnesses
  • Conduct the necessary analysis and testing to ensure reliability
  • Combine the right configuration of wires to suit your specific application
  • Review the design to optimize all the interconnects, regardless of system complexity
  • Design cable harnesses for computer equipment, disk drives, controllers, servers, and other electronic assemblies

For complex assemblies, we’ll work with you to iterate your designs and simulate performance based on environmental variables. Sonic’s assessment will include 3D mechanical analysis and thermal stress testing.

Custom Cable Harness Assemblies

For special requirements, we have the necessary on-site expertise to support custom fixturing, design for test and manufacturability, and can complete the entire process with final product testing. Custom configurations with reduced installation times and integration of multiple interconnects will help streamline your box building processes.

Our cable harness assembly services include:

  • Build-to-print and prototyping including pre-production optimization
  • Low-volume production and custom designs
  • Manufacturing capacity to support any quantity
  • Automated cutting and wire processing
  • Heat shrinking and labeling (cable marking)
  • Assemblies for any type of wire arrangement (micro-coax or micro-miniature)

Quality Wire Harness Assembly from Sonic Manufacturing

With electronics continuing to get smaller, designing a quality wire harness is becoming a complex task. With Sonic, you are guaranteed to get the results you need to ensure your product’s interconnects operate reliably regardless of environmental constraints.

From our facility in Fremont, we work with design teams that need to optimize processes and secure a reliable cable harness assembly supplier in California. With manual and automated solutions available, we can help you find new efficiencies in your current harness manufacturing processes.

To discuss your cable harness assembly requirements with an expert, contact Sonic Manufacturing for a quote.