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Consumer Electronics Manufacturer – San Diego

Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, tough economic times, and fleeting consumer tastes, the world of consumer electronics is a tough nut to crack for companies without a dedicated partner to handle PCB assembly. Savvy consumer electronics companies in San Diego gravitate toward turnkey PCB assembly to stay ahead of the market and lower production costs.

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is the go-to producer of printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, flex circuits, and flex-rigid circuits production in Silicon Valley. Our skilled engineering team will help bring your ideas to life — from concept design to manufacturing and everything in between. 

US-Based Manufacturing

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies gives you matchless control over your new product introduction (NPI). Rather than outsource, we handle everything — from design to prototyping and manufacturing at our California facility. As such, you’re guaranteed exceptional made-in-USA products without the typical delays associated with overseas manufacturing. With Sonic, you’re no more than 8 hours away from on-site engineering.

Our skilled team of engineers will guide you through every step while our inventory specialists will source all the necessary components nationally and if need be, internationally.

One-Stop Consumer Electronics Manufacturing

Sonic Manufacturing provides industry-leading turnkey solutions to highly regulated industries such as automotive, aerospace, renewable energy, and medical devices. A skilled workforce comprising over 30 engineers will help you bring your vision to life and effortlessly turn your concept into a manufacturable design.

The entire process takes place in our state-of-the-art facility in Fremont, California. Engineers at the advanced 85,000-square-foot facility can assist with anything from creative new product introduction, layout, development, and lifetime testing. Never again will you worry about component shortages or stockouts derailing your time to market.

What’s more, Sonic Manufacturing specializes in rapid prototyping. Whether making a specialty engineering part or a breakthrough medical device, our team can have your prototype ready in 2 days or under 2 weeks.

As part of our social responsibility commitment, the facility runs on nearly 100% solar energy. The use of renewable energy sources means your products are sustainably produced, giving you a rarefied edge on the market.

Impressive Manufacturing Credentials

At Sonic, we’re highly adaptable to your needs. We use a portfolio of professional certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2003, ITAR, and RoHS compliance to backstop our manufacturing efforts. 

Hailed as Silicon Valley’s go-to consumer electronics manufacturer, we blend automated and manual assembly and provide best-in-class inspection capabilities for both low and high-volume production.

Tower Over the Competition with Superior Products

Looking for a reliable manufacturing partner in San Diego for your next product launch? Look no further than Sonic Manufacturing Technologies. Our white-glove service makes for effortless launches backed with superior quality made-in-USA products.

Contact us today about your consumer electronics project in San Diego or call 510-580-8500 for a custom quote.