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Custom Circuit Board Assembly in San Diego

Sonic Manufacturing provides custom circuit board assembly services in San Diego for both production and R&D in electronics. At Sonic, we focus on precision and efficiency across industries like aerospace, automotive, semiconductor manufacturing, and medical devices. Our services in San Diego and the surrounding areas include:

Mixed Technology Assembly

Our mixed technology PCBA service combines the strengths of both surface mount technology (SMT) and through-hole technology (THT). This combined approach increases the flexibility and durability of PCB designs and accommodates complex electronic applications requiring both high-density component placement and strong mechanical bonds. By integrating these technologies, Sonic addresses a wide range of client needs, from consumer electronics to industrial applications.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Sonic Manufacturing excels in electro-mechanical assembly — integrating electronic circuits with mechanical systems. This service is essential for producing devices such as actuators, sensors, and other mechanical components that demand precise electronic control. Our expertise ensures that these assemblies function seamlessly in diverse applications ranging from automotive to healthcare.

Flex Circuit Assembly

At Sonic, our teams specialize in flex circuit assembly, an important process for developing flexible electronic devices with high durability. This assembly technique involves constructing circuits on flexible plastic substrates and allowing them to bend and fold in operation. Flexible electronic solutions are increasingly essential for manufacturing smartphones, wearable devices, and automotive electronics like dashboard sensors and displays. By offering this service, Sonic meets the evolving manufacturing needs of industries like healthcare and automotive.

Box Build Assembly

Sonic Manufacturing’s box build assembly service delivers complete assemblies of electronic and mechanical components in finished enclosures. This service encompasses all aspects of construction from the bare board to integrating-assemblies, cable harnesses, and testing. Tailored to meet your unique requirements, Sonic’s box build capabilities are essential for delivering ready-to-use sophisticated electronic systems across various industries.

Testing and Inspection Services

Our teams ensure the reliability and performance of assemblies through comprehensive testing and inspection services. This includes X-ray inspections, in-circuit tests, and functional testing to identify and rectify potential issues. By rigorously applying these quality assurance measures, Sonic maintains highly reliable standards, while guaranteeing every product meets both internal criteria and your specific requirements.

To learn more about custom circuit board assembly in San Diego, contact Sonic Manufacturing today.