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pcbaPartner with a team that remains dedicated to your product launch’s success. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies specializes in product prototyping, short turnaround times, and is committed to quality throughout the process.

Prototyping Your Products with Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

We can work with any product team in the Bay Area or Silicon Valley region. As an expert electronic manufacturing contractor, we’ll work with you during the entire process to ensure you find an optimized manufacturing strategy.

Sonic Manufacturing’s capabilities include:

  • Expedited services for the shortest turnaround times 
  • Complete engineering support during every step of the process
  • A dedicated team of expert technical staff to streamline your manufacturing processes

Supply Chain and Manufacturing Services You Can Trust

We specialize in PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing. As a premier manufacturer of advanced electronics in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sonic can help your team find an optimized manufacturing solution including a comprehensive supply chain and logistics partnership.

Shortened development times and new product introductions (NPI) are Sonic’s specialty. To ensure the shortest turnaround times, we provide:

  • Component engineering services for a streamlined manufacturing process
  • Complete PCB layout and design services
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for test (DFT) analysis
  • Developing manufacturing process instructions (MPIs) for your production lifecycles

PCB Assembly and Prototype Services in the Bay Area

To support your manufacturing process, our team has the necessary expertise and technical knowledge of a variety of production processes and PCBA techniques. We use an agile approach in our manufacturing processes, making it possible to support any customer and deliver according to your specifications.

Sonic’s specialized manufacturing solutions include:

  • Surface mount production lines that support paste and epoxy welding
  • Intrusive reflow and through-hole assembly
  • Press fit and wave or selective wave soldering
  • Leaded and lead-free assembly processes
  • No-clean or water-soluble manufacturing support

Sonic Manufacturing Supports the Bay Area

From our headquarters in Fremont, CA, we help product development teams bring their products to life. We provide innovative and expedited manufacturing solutions to teams in San Jose, Hayward, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and Burlingame. By using an onshore manufacturing solution for your next product, you’ll benefit from direct oversight and speedy resolution to any technical queries you may have.

We can help teams to prototype PCBs, develop solutions that don’t run into manufacturing issues, and supply a complete turnkey solution for your product development project. At Sonic, we partner with our customers to ensure their success no matter how challenging the situation may be. Our facility has the latest technologies available and a team of technical experts who can assist any stage during your product’s design maturity.

We maintain a ‘can-do’ attitude and can help you prototype boards into a product with a quick turn service solution and reduced turnaround times. If you need a Bay Area electronic manufacturing partner, Sonic Manufacturing Technologies can help.

To discuss your latest product development requirements or to make use of our prototype PCB assembly services, contact Sonic Manufacturing Technologies today.