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Electronic Prototype Assembly Services

Electronic prototype assembly is one of the most crucial phases of new product development. It carries the same importance when used to modify existing products to make improvements. Learn why your manufacturing company should partner with Sonic Manufacturing Technologies to make the most out of the electronic prototype assembly phase in product development ventures.

Electronic Prototype Assembly Process

The use of the electronic production line equipment and processes are useful to test the design, packaging, and performance of assembled products, especially during new product development. The quality of these services is paramount as the amount of money you have invested in new product development makes it essential to get it right from the beginning.

The costs that you may incur from product design or functional failures during the electronic prototype assembly phase can be mitigated if the issues are found early.   By using our production line for new product assemblies, we can understand where possible failures may occur.  A dedicated development line where engineers hand-process assemblies are not likely to catch manufacturing issues.

Firms that have a solid and reliable electronic prototype assembly line service stand above the rest. Your company can save enormous amounts of money by averting costly mistakes at the electronic prototype assembly level and releasing superior products in the end.

Make Better Prototypes for Better Products

Electronic prototype assembly is at the heart of product development. These early product development stages are incredibly important and carry an impact throughout all the additional progress steps.

Sonic Manufacturing is a trusted industry leader for a reason. We put our customers first and run your prototype assemblies on established manufacturing lines that ensure manufacturability. Our process enhances performance testing as we run your prototypes through real-world assembly conditions. Meaning, your prototypes will stand up in the market after their release.

The level of quality assurance that we offer takes the worry out of the production process. With Sonic, your business gets on-line inspection and zero-defect products as part of our commitment to quality assurance.

BOM and State of the Art Materials Management

Another benefit of partnering with Sonic Manufacturing for electronic prototype assembly is that our superior service ensures that we meet all conditions at the assembly stage. These conditions include bill of materials (BOM), design for test and environmental concerns.

Accuracy and reliable component delivery are paramount in the BOM.  Our industry leading Supply Chain Management system ensure on-time delivery…we already manage the delivery of more than one million components per week!

Be the Best with Sonic Manufacturing

Serving San Jose, Sacramento, the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and Salt Lake City, Sonic Manufacturing Technologies has the expertise to provide any electronic prototype assembly requirements for your business.

Take a step towards efficiency and superior electronic product development with Sonic, your partner of choice in electronic prototype assembly services. Our team of over 30 engineering professionals will augment your in-house design team and support them to produce products that will amaze.

Don’t hesitate, collaborate with the best in electronic prototype assembly, partner with Sonic Manufacturing.