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Consumer Electronics Assembly in San Jose

electronic manufacturing serviceKeeping consumers happy with their new devices and products requires quality manufacturing and assembly services. Sonic Manufacturing works with product teams in all major industries to ensure a quality one-time-through consumer electronic assembly process and delivers excellent logistical support.

Ensuring Quality Consumer Electronics Assembly with Sonic Manufacturing

We provide complete engineering support during every step of the product development and manufacturing process. Our team of technical experts and seasoned engineers can work with any size team using an agile and can-do approach.

Establishing a Quality Consumer Electronics Assembly Process

Whether your team is working on the latest wearable device or a biomedical innovation, we will collaborate with them to find an optimal manufacturing and assembly solution. Our state-of-the-art facility in Fremont, near San Jose uses surface-mount technology with agile processes to ensure you can assemble your product close to your intended consumer base.

Sonic’s electronic manufacturing and assembly services can:

  • Provide high-speed, flexible production lines using the latest assembly technologies
  • Deliver the volume of product you need according to your latest forecasts
  • Review and analyze your design for optimal manufacturability and testing
  • Ensure you can source quality components from manufacturers around the world

Optimizing the Consumer Electronic Assembly Process

With our custom IT infrastructure, a global network of inbound logistics solutions, and a dedicated team of technical professionals, Sonic will help to optimize your entire assembly process. We can assist with design reviews (design for manufacturability and design for test), process optimization, and prototyping on live production lines.

Our in-house engineering and support services include:

  • PCB layout and component engineering
  • Developing manufacturing process instructions (MPIs)
  • Shorter turnaround times and inbound logistics with custom supply chain solutions
  • Comprehensive materials management including passive stores and depot repair (or reverse logistics)

Sonic Manufacturing’s Consumer Electronic Assembly Services

Our capabilities include complete turnkey solutions or simplification and optimization of the process during the prototyping stage. Identifying issues with assembly early can help product teams avoid costly redesigns when moving to full-scale production in the future. Our resources provide complete, end-to-end support for every step in your supply chain. From sourcing your components to final quality assurance (QA) and outbound logistics (including white labeling), Sonic can be your long-term manufacturing and assembly solution provider from our headquarters in Fremont, minutes from San Jose, California.

Sonic has consumer electronic assembly experience in:

  • Computing and storage products
  • Wearable IoT devices and biomedical applications
  • Networking and communication technologies

We also work with incubator teams, startups, or established firms looking to nearshore their consumer electronic assembly process for added proximity benefits.

Sonic Manufacturing as Your Consumer Electronic Assembly Company

Sonic uses an agile approach with a can-do attitude to support product teams looking for a quality consumer electronic assembly partner. As our services cover all aspects of the product development and production lifecycle, you can trust us to take care of all your manufacturing and logistical needs.

If you need a team of seasoned experts with the infrastructure needed to ensure your consumer electronic assembly’s quality, reach out to Sonic Manufacturing today.