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PCB Assembly Company in San Jose

pcb assemblyIf you’re currently looking for a manufacturing and PCB assembly service provider in San Jose, CA, Sonic Manufacturing can assist. We work with product designers and purchasing agents to streamline your entire production lifecycle. Sonic Manufacturing has served the Bay Area for over twenty years, refining our processes and embracing an agile manufacturing philosophy to ensure our customer’s success.

Our custom engineered equipment and flexible production lines can assist you with new product introductions (NPIs), prototyping, and design optimization. We provide extensive engineering support services to manage inventory, ensure efficient material logistics, and maintain your product’s quality. Sonic Manufacturing’s 85,000 square foot production facility uses state-of-art surface mount production lines to ensure you gain both flexibility and agility when using our PCB assembly services.

San Jose’s Premier PCB Assembly Company

We work with any size team or company to develop an optimal production cycle for your product. What sets Sonic Manufacturing apart from other companies is our dedication to continually improve our electronics manufacturing processes. We automate most of our supply chain and buying processes using HAL, our customized auto-correcting ecommerce solution. You can read more about HAL here.

Our Electronic PCB Assembly Capabilities

Using HAL frees up our team of engineers and production technicians to focus on your product’s manufacturing requirements. We consider ourselves an extension of your company and your product’s success remains our primary goal during each production run.

Sonic Manufacturing’s PCB Assembly capabilities include:

  • Intrusive reflow of through-hole devices
  • Paste and epoxy surface mount technologies
  • Press fit, wave, or selective wave soldering
  • Lead and lead-free assembly
  • No-clean and water-soluble processes
  • Double or single-sided reflow processing
  • Repairs and rework of products for fine pitch QFP and area array packages

We also work with your company to find design optimization for manufacturability, assembly, and testing.

Headquartered in the Heart of Silicon Valley

Sonic Manufacturing serves San Jose and the following areas in California from our headquarters in Fremont:

  • Palo Alto
  • Silicon Valley
  • Mountain View
  • Sunnyvale
  • And surrounding areas

By serving San Jose and the entire Bay Area, we provide additional proximity benefits to the world’s leading product designers. We understand that having a close relationship between manufacturers and designers is vital to getting the production cycles right the first time.

Comprehensive Engineering Support Services

To assist your teams with launching successful products, Sonic Manufacturing provides comprehensive engineering and support services.

Our engineering and support services include:

  • PCB layout, engineering, and fabrication
  • Complete PCB assembly services
  • System and box builds
  • BGA rework and failure analysis
  • Test and burn-in for improved reliability
  • Branded packaging and finishing solutions
  • Supply chain management for both inbound and outbound logistics

We can provide complete turnkey solutions to electronic product designers in San Jose and across the Bay Area. If your company is looking for a reliable onshore manufacturing and PCB assembly partner, Sonic Manufacturing can help bring your product to market in as little as five to ten days.

Let Sonic Manufacturing Optimize Your PCB Assembly and Production Cycles

We source 1,000,000 components every week using our agile supply chain solutions, ensuring you always have access to the inventories you need. Sonic Manufacturing also serves every major industry in San Jose, including military, aerospace, medical, and automotive manufacturing companies. Our complete, end-to-end services help you deliver your products on time, without defects, and at an affordable price per unit.

For more information about Sonic Manufacturing’s PCB assembly services in San Jose, call us on 051-560-3262 or complete this contact form and we’ll contact you.