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Circuit Board Assembly Services Bay Area

engineering prototypes manufacturingJust about every modern device imaginable relies on printed circuit boards (PCBs) to connect and support their electronic components. Using our wealth of knowledge and experience, we at Sonic Manufacturing develop PCBs tailored to your needs.

We offer circuit board assembly services to businesses in a variety of industries across the Bay area. This includes Fremont, San Jose, Oakland, and Silicon Valley.

Surface Mount and Through-Hole Assembly

Surface mount technology (SMT) places parts directly on a circuit board, eliminating the need for widespread holes and soldering. This provides a lightweight solution for smaller PCB designs by keeping all the components in one place and reducing the use of soldering lead. Devices made with SMT are also more resistant to the damage caused by consistent movement or vibrations.

The through-hole assembly process involves drilling holes into a circuit board and connecting wires with lead soldering. Through-hole technology is best applied to devices that require high reliability under unfavorable mechanical and environmental stress.

Sonic Manufacturing specializes in producing SMT and through-hole circuit boards that fit a wide range of product designs and prototypes. This includes ball grid array (BGA) assembly and x-ray inspection services. We also utilize state-of-the-art production lines for high quality and timely PCB manufacturing.

We Offer Flex Circuits Designed for a Variety of Devices

Due to the complexity of many modern-day devices, flexible PCBs (also called flex circuits) are becoming more widely used. Flex circuits are made from polyimide dielectric materials, which allows them to bend and fit into any space within a device or to connect to rigid PCBs. They’re also more lightweight than rigid PCBs and are designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

Here at Sonic Manufacturing, we manufacture both flexible and rigid-flex PCBs for a variety of devices and prototypes. Meet with our team of experienced engineers to develop the flex circuit that best fits your products.

Full-Scale Electronic Prototyping Company

Every device from medical technology to aerospace parts starts as a prototype. Our engineers at Sonic Manufacturing work with investors, manufacturers, and startups every step of the way from prototype design to product launch.

Our prototyping strategies include:

  • New product introduction standardized flows
  • Optimized Bills of Materials (BOM) to ensure uninterrupted delivery
  • Design for Manufacturability with our in-house PCB board layout services and running prototypes on our manufacturing line, not a special engineering line
  • Stringent testing
  • Product life-cycle support
  • ESD-controlled manufacturing
  • Green technologies wherever possible

You Can Count on Sonic for High Quality Circuit Board Assembly

At Sonic, we value high quality circuit board assembly. We employ functional testing strategies to ensure that our PCBs meet the most stringent quality standards. Your circuit boards will not leave our manufacturing facilities until they’ve passed multiple inspections and tests.

Want to find out more about Sonic Manufacturing’s Bay Area circuit board assembly services? Contact us online today to consult with our experts. You can also call us at (510) 953-5049 or email