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Flex Circuit Manufacturing and Assembly

flex circuit manufacturingSonic Manufacturing Technologies is a leader in flex and rigid-flex circuit prototype and product manufacturing in California. Strategically located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we specialize in providing customized flex circuit solutions for our customers’ unique requirements. Our 20 years of knowledge and experience ensure we produce the highest quality flex circuits for your specific business needs.

What Are Flex Circuits?

Flexible (or “flex”) circuits are thin, lightweight, and bendable electric circuits. They’re similar to printed circuit boards but flexible, designed to fit into unique shapes and small spaces. Flex circuits can bend, twist, fold, and form into innumerable shapes. They are particularly useful in ultra-compact and uniquely shaped devices.

We build flex circuits from strips of copper or other conductive metal encased in an insulating dielectric material, typically made of polyimide. This enables the circuit to safely bend and flex as it carries electric power and electronic signals.

So-called rigid-flex circuits combine the best of traditional rigid and newer flex circuits. They are essentially flex circuits with printed circuit boards attached, typically in multiple layers. With rigid-flex designs, the circuit can be flexible where space is at a premium and rigid where extra support is necessary. (Click here to learn more about our layout and engineering capabilities.)

What Are the Advantages of Flex Circuits?

Flex circuits are ideal for use in bendable products or products with severe size or space constraints. Flex technology provides the best attributes of traditional printed circuit boards, connectors, and wiring but in a flexible form. The technology’s reduced wiring considerations make flex circuits ideal for uses that require corners and layers of electronics.

Flex technology reduces size and weight – they are up to 70% lighter than a traditional printed circuit board. By incorporating flexible wiring, the technology also reduces the number of interconnects, which improves reliability.

Flex circuits also provide much-needed options in electronics packaging, enabling designers to work around challenging interconnect and space issues. Their flexible nature allows us to bend the circuit boards into the desired shape, up to a full 360 degrees.

The polyimide dielectric materials used in flex circuits are ideal for high-powered applications and harsh environments because they can withstand extremely high temperatures. Flex designs also allow for improved airflow and heat dissipation.

Finally, flex technology is cost-effective, coming in 30% less expensive than traditional hand wiring, with additional savings in assembly costs. Flex circuits have proven to be more reliable over time than traditional printed circuit boards, with improved resistance to vibrations and movement.

Design flexibility, reduced size and weight, improved reliability, and lower cost – these are the reasons manufacturers are increasingly moving to flex circuit technology.

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies: A Leader in Flex Circuit Manufacturing

Sonic is a leader in flex circuit manufacturing in the Bay Area. We design and manufacture flex and rigid-flex circuits for companies in the San Jose, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, and Salt Lake City areas

At Sonic, our goal is to produce flex and rigid-flex circuits that meet the demanding needs of our diverse customer base. Our engineering team works closely with your staff to develop the circuits you need. We coordinate with your project managers and other staff to build design prototypes to your requirements and schedule. Our best-in-class capabilities mean that we meet your flex circuit objectives on your timetable.

When you need flex or rigid-flex circuits for your products, contact Sonic Manufacturing Technologies at (510)-580-8500 or today.