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4 Tips for Achieving Quick Turnaround PCB Assembly Services

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Sonic Manufacturing specializes in quick turn PCB assembly services – and we do this without compromising the quality of your finished product. We understand that quick product development strategies are essential in the electronics industry, which is why we are committed to reducing your wait time for PCB design and manufacturing. Our team is also prepared to assist with any potential problems that might arise during the process.

By opting for a fast turnaround PCB, you can expect these benefits:

  • Quick delivery times compared to conventional methods
  • Lower production costs due to reduced fabrication time
  • Significant savings in manufacturing costs
  • A wide range of PCBs to meet customer needs
  • Avoid manufacturing defects or detect them at an early stage

To help your project move smoothly, here are four tips we recommend.

1. Follow an Effective Design Process

For a fast turnaround PCB, it’s recommended to follow design guidelines optimized for the simple and efficient performance of your product. This includes using the right grid for efficient spacing and maximized board use, keeping trace lengths as short and direct as possible and grouping related components and test points together. By following efficient PCB design practices, you can streamline the process while ensuring a quality product.

2. Maintain Consistent Communication

Another tip for achieving a quick turnaround time is by maintaining open, consistent communication with your PCB contract manufacturer (CM). Start by providing clear and detailed specifications for your PCB design and fabrication on the following:

  • File format
  • Layer stackup
  • Dimensions
  • Materials
  • Components
  • Solder mask
  • Silkscreen
  • Surface finish
  • Testing packaging

Also, keep track of the progress and ask for updates and feedback from your CM. If they have questions or requests, respond promptly. This will keep your project on the intended timeline. And, when it comes time to review and verify the results of your PCB design and fabrication, inspect them for defects, errors, or changes from your original request.

3. Choose a Local PCB Manufacturer

Selecting a local PCB manufacturer offers many advantages, especially when it comes to getting fast results:

  • Opportunities for in-person introductions, contract negotiations and design review meetings
  • Personalized quality assurance
  • Enhanced communication capabilities
  • Streamlined design process
  • High-quality components ready in advance
  • Thorough testing procedures
  • Reliable, affordable delivery
4. Ensure Your Design is Tested

Lastly, to keep your PCB project on track, you’ll want to make sure that it’s thoroughly tested. To ensure proper testing, choose a qualified CM and provide your design files to them. All assembled boards are tested post assembly. Therefore, anything that turns up in these stages can be costly and time-consuming to correct. By providing all files in advance, your product will have a faster turnaround time.

Get Quick Turnaround PCB Assembly Services from Sonic

Sonic Manufacturing has everything you need for achieving quick turnaround PCB assembly services under one roof. We can provide project turnaround times of just TWO days thanks to our fast, automated supply chain. Contact us today for a free quote and we’ll get back to you shortly.