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The Benefits of PCB Third-party Contract Manufacturing

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Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are essential components in nearly all electronics, including smartphones, laptops, medical devices, LEDs, manufacturing equipment, and automotive parts. Every day, we use PCBs without knowing it. If the PCB doesn’t work, the product doesn’t work, and the consumer ends up frustrated. This is why it’s imperative for PCBs to function properly.

Some companies try to build their own PCBs, but unless they specialize in PCB design and fabrication, it usually ends up being a bad idea. The better option is to choose a knowledgeable PCB contract manufacturer. Let’s explore the advantages of hiring a third-party contract manufacturer for your PCB needs.

What is PCB Third-party Contract Manufacturing?

A third-party manufacturer is the same as a contract manufacturer (CM). They specialize in building products for other companies under their label or brand name. In the case of PCBs, the CM will design and build the boards based on designs submitted or approved by the company who contracted them.

Sonic Manufacturing is a premier regional turnkey contract manufacturer that you can trust. We work with clients and customers to create high quality PCBs for their products, while they focus on the core competencies of their business. We also bring years of experience and expertise to the table to ensure that we meet all your requirements.

4 Advantages of Working with a Third-party PCB CM

There are many benefits to partnering with a CM like Sonic Manufacturing:

  1. It saves you from having to build your own PCBs.

Unless you are a PCB manufacturer, your business probably doesn’t have experience designing and building these boards. Therefore, outsourcing these needs to a CM helps you avoid costly mistakes. With a CM, you’ll have a skilled team of engineers and technicians working on the design and assembly of your boards, eliminating the need for you to do this yourself.

  • You gain from our experience and expertise.

Third-party CMs like Sonic do the job well. We are experts who follow best practices to achieve the best results. You can count on our contract manufacturing team to know what is required to build the highest quality boards at the best price, and to assemble multiple circuit board types and technologies. Furthermore, we adhere to a strict timeline that ensures your product is manufactured efficiently and for the quality you’re expecting.

  • We can accommodate low-volume, high-mix manufacturing.

Having a local PCB CM supports a high-mix, low-volume model, which gives the ability to respond rapidly to the needs of clients and customers. For example, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, new medical devices were created quickly. By using an onshore third-party CM, you can rest easy knowing that we can ramp up production quickly and accommodate last-minute prototypes.

  • Our fully trained and certified staff are ready to go to work.

When you hire Sonic as your third-party PCB CM, you get our staff working for you. Our in-house team of engineers and technicians will work with you on your design, build the board and test all components. They are fully trained and certified and required to complete periodic training and refresher courses to ensure they stay fluent in the latest industry standards.

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Sonic Manufacturing is the largest EMS and arguably, the best third-party PCB contract manufacturer in Silicon Valley with nearly 30 years of experience. We have a highly trained staff of assembly technicians, engineers, and supply chain specialists who carry extensive experience in PCBA. We also offer all our services under one roof for fast, optimized turnkey solutions. To get a free quote, contact our team today.