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Cable Assembly Manufacturer

cable assembly manufacturer

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is one of the leading cable assembly manufacturers in the Bay Area. We offer standalone cable layout and manufacturing as well as custom integration solutions for our customers’ specific requirements. Our two decades of experience enable us to produce the highest quality cable assemblies for your company’s unique business needs.

Bay Area Cable Assembly Manufacturing Since 1996

At Sonic, we are known as a quality-conscious cable assembly manufacturer. We employ a defined and systematic system of evaluation to ensure that we always meet stringent quality standards. Our “no tolerance” policy helps us to design, prototype, and manufacture products for customers that require the utmost in quality and reliability.

You can trust our manufacturing and quality assurance processes to create cables and cable assemblies that meet the highest standards. Our detailed designs and superior manufacturing result in a premium product that meets and exceeds ISO 9001 standards and UL/CSA safety requirements.

Manufacturing Cable Assemblies for All Needs

Our 85,000 square foot facility in Fremont, California is custom engineered to meet and exceed world-class manufacturing standards. It allows us to design and manufacture a wide array of cables and cable assemblies, including

  • Coaxial cables with metal shielding to block signal interference
  • Computer cables used inside devices or to connect computers to external devices
  • Data cables, including ethernet and USB cables for telecommunications applications
  • Fiber optic cables for long-distance, high-performance telecommunications and data networking
  • Interface cables to connect multiple electronic devices
  • Custom medical cables and cable assemblies for electronic medical equipment
  • Power cables and power transmission assemblies
  • Ribbon cables with a flat and wide design
  • Sensor and control cables for the automation industry
  • Wired cables designed to carry electrical signals

Custom Cables Made to Your Specifications

In addition to our standalone cable layout and manufacturing, we offer custom cables designed to our customers’ specifications. We provide custom integration into systems, box builds, electronic assembly, and PCB assemblies. Our years of experience enable us to fabricate cables and assemblies to your exact specifications.

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies: The Bay Area’s Leading Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Sonic is a leading cable assembly manufacturer in the Bay Area. We design, manufacture and integrate cable assemblies for companies in San Jose, Silicon Valley, Hayward, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Burlingame.

At Sonic, our goal is to manufacture cable assemblies that meet the demanding needs of our diverse customer base. Our engineering team works closely with your staff to design and produce the cables you need when you need them. We proudly manufacture cables and assemblies for the automotive, aerospace, bio-medical, computing, industrial, and security industries.

When you need cable assembly manufacturing, contact Sonic Manufacturing Technologies at (510) 580-8500 or today.