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Contract Manufacturing Company Near Sacramento

contract manufacturing near sacramentoSonic Manufacturing is a contract manufacturing company near Sacramento. We work with engineers and purchasing agents seeking from simple to complex products assembled to exact specifications.

We offer contract manufacturing to ensure you get the parts you need to suit your facility’s varying design requirements for printed circuit boards, flex circuits, cables, box builds, and electro-mechanical assemblies.   

Industries We Partner With

We work with diverse industries such as:

We also focus on manufacturing parts for renewable technologies, industrial testing and measurement, medical devices and biotech, IoT and wearables, networking, development labs, and startups.

Benefits of Choosing Sonic Manufacturing for Contract Manufacturing

We know that your business faces unique challenges every day, such as ensuring that your products are fully compliant with your industry requirements. Contract manufacturing helps companies manage these challenges.

Here are some ways partnering with Sonic Manufacturing can benefit your organization:

Quality Control

On top of your own strict quality management practices, partnering with a contract manufacturing company like Sonic adds another layer of protection in the production process. We test and inspect all parts to guarantee they are manufactured to your required standards and desired specifications.

Advanced Technology

We understand that keeping up with compliance can be challenging as previous technologies become obsolete. At Sonic, we ensure that our partners always have the latest advancements to meet the demands of their customers.


The ability to scale is what gives organizations an edge over their competition. When you partner with Sonic as your contract manufacturing company, we help you meet marketplace demands.

Simplified Supply Chain

As your contract manufacturing company partner, we make supply chain management as straightforward as possible. Instead of trying to manufacture parts independently, you will be working with our seasoned team of experts.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

NPI is a critical stage that your new products will pass through. We frequently recommend product modifications that can enhance the manufacturability of our customers’ products. We do this based on our experience in assembly, constant data collection, inspection, and testing results. That way, you know you can rely on every component we manufacture.

Contract Manufacturing Near Sacramento and Throughout Silicon Valley

At Sonic, we can do high-end, complex assemblies such as:

  • Cable assembly
  • Box assembly
  • Electro-mechanical assembly
  • Printed circuit board assemblies

For more information about contract manufacturing near Sacramento, call us at (510) 822-6845. You can also reach us via email at for a quote.