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Circuit Board Assembly in Fremont

Sonic Manufacturing Is Your Fremont Circuit Board Assembly Solution

engineering prototypes manufacturingAre you here because you are looking for an affordable, reliable, Fremont-based manufacturer that excels at printed circuit board assembly?

Great news, you have found the company you need!

Sonic Manufacturing is Silicon Valley’s largest electronic manufacturing service (EMS) Helping thousands of partners in Fremont, San Jose, and beyond design and produce circuit boards since 1996. Circuit boards that are now powering millions of devices in use around you today – from the IoT device in your neighbor’s home to hospital incubators keeping newborns alive.

Sonic can help you get your printed circuit board assembled and to market too!

“Full-Stack” Circuit Board Assembly Offered

With workers dedicated to the craft, and all services at your disposal utilized, your circuit board assembly will always be right.

New to Circuit Board Assembly?

Are you sitting on a potential revolutionary innovation because you are not sure how to design and get a circuit board assembled?

With years of experience our expert team of engineers are happy to walk you through every step of the PCB development process – from board design to PCBA mass production, and every step in between. Sonic’s engineers are here to help you get your product manufactured exactly how you want it, as affordably as possible.

Already a PCBA Guru?

Only looking for a reliable manufacturer near San Jose to assemble what you need and when you need it–no hassle?

Great! Experienced designers are always welcome!

You can jump right into the assembly process with circuit board de-planarizing, bill of materials (BOM) management, prototyping, and quality control testing.

A Full Range of Circuit Board Assembly Services

Here is a sampling of PCBA services we offer:

  • Surface mount technologies (paste and epoxy) and selective wave soldering
  • Intrusive re-flow and single/double-sided processing
  • Press fit and through holing
  • Use our experienced engineers to repair existing circuit boards that are not functioning as intended, saving you, the valued customer, money

What about boards with lead-based components? Do not fret for Sonic is government approved for both lead and lead-free assembly.

Providing Assembly Excellence Across the (Circuit) Board in Fremont

Sonic Manufacturing offers you both PCBA expertise and volume.

With a team of 30-plus engineers and production experts, working over two daily shifts, your board will go from an idea to a functioning product, in no time at all!

Manufacturing takes place in our 85,000-square feet warehouse space right here in Fremont, keeping jobs and manufacturing local!

Circuit Board Assembly Satisfaction is the Only Goal

There are many reasons why our Fremont company grew into the largest circuit board assembly manufacturer in Silicon Valley.

This is because the team at Sonic:

  • Always produces high-quality, reliable circuit boards
  • Always delivers on time
  • Offers full-stack circuit board assembly services

Regardless of your industry, experience, or volume needs, circuit boards you can depend on is our guarantee.

From Fremont, CA, Sonic Manufacturing would love to help you with your circuit board assembly needs. Call or email for a quote, today!