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PCBA Services for Salt Lake City Companies

engineering prototypes manufacturingSonic Manufacturing has been in operation since 1996, providing PCB design services to companies in Salt Lake County and across the U.S.

Our PCB design solutions are well structured to eliminate errors and achieve the required design functionality within your budget. Our quick development cycles and extensive in-house capabilities allow us to take the shortest time to assist you from the conceptual design stage to prototype manufacture and testing.

A Breakdown of our PCBA Services

We offer the following PCB design services to our clients in Salt Lake City:

  • PCB conceptual design and engineering: Includes research and development of the schematic diagrams, conceptual models, and schematic capture
  • PCB layout design: Includes development of PCB layouts and PCB stackups

Our PCB design solutions incorporate standard design and manufacturing principles, including design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for testability (DFT).

PCB Assembly and Manufacturing Services for Salt Lake City companies

Sonic Manufacturing employs stringent manufacturing processes and quality control (QC) procedures, from preparation and machine setup to PCB manufacturing and testing. Some of our applied PCB manufacturing processes include surface-mount technology (SMT), intrusive reflow, and press fit.

Before the final PCBAs are delivered to you, Sonic’s team carries out a rigorous testing and verification process. This ensures that the final PCBAs are defect-free and fully functional. Our applied PCB testing methods include X-ray, flying probe test (FPT), functional circuit test (FCT) and in-circuit test (ICT).

Sonic Manufacturing – Providing PCBA Services for Salt Lake City Companies

Our main service areas include:

  • Automotive and aerospace engineering
  • Military and defense
  • Computing and storage
  • Renewable technologies
  • Industrial testing and measurement
  • Medical devices and biotechnology
  • Networking
  • Development labs and startups

With the ever-increasing adoption of digital technology in manufacturing, computing, defense, and medicine, the demand for printed circuit boards (PCBs) continues to rise.

According to a market forecast research by Cision, the global market for PCBs will increase to US $89.7 billion by 2024. Sonic Manufacturing offers high-quality printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) services to Salt Lake City companies.

Located minutes from Mineta International Airport in San Jose, CA, transport to and from your location is fast and efficient.  Work with an experienced PCBA manufacturing company who can deliver what you need fast.

Interested in PCBA services in Salt Lake City? Get a quote by calling us at (510) 580-8500 or emailing us at Get fast delivery with flights available from San Jose Mineta Airport to Salt Lake City.