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Consumer Electronics Manufacturer – Los Angeles

The convergence of innovation and creativity drives the demand for cutting-edge electronic solutions in Los Angeles. The bustling metropolis is the home of diverse industries, from aerospace to biotech and renewable, catering to a highly sophisticated consumer market.

As such, L.A.-based firms are continually pushing the limits to keep pace with constantly changing consumer preferences. They are driven by ambitious visions to deliver innovative solutions to the market quickly and effectively.

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is the undisputed leader in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, flex circuit, and flex-rigid circuit production in Silicon Valley. We provide cutting-edge PCB assembly services to L.A. firms looking to corner the market.

US Manufacturing for Matchless Convenience

Sonic Manufacturing offers top-notch US-based PCB assembly to give you unparalleled production convenience and control over your project. With a one-stop facility in Fremont, California, you’re guaranteed faster turnaround times. An in-house team handles national and international component sourcing to deliver products adhering to strict US quality standards.

Turnkey Solutions for Consumer Electronics

With our truly turnkey PCB assembly solution for a streamlined project lifecycle, Sonic Manufacturing eliminates the complexities of managing multiple vendors. Skilled engineers support you at every step, from creative new product introduction to layout development and lifetime testing.

Sonic Manufacturing’s modern, 85,000-square-foot production facility in Fremont, CA, specializes in rapid prototyping. A team of 30 seasoned engineers blends innovation and technology to deliver exceptional results. Depending on design complexity, our team can have your prototypes ready in 2 days or less than 2 weeks, so you’re quick to market.

Powered by nearly 100% on-site solar energy, our advanced facility delivers Silicon Valley’s best-in-class manufacturing and inspection capabilities. A fully automated production line also supports manual assembly for products that require a human touch. With Sonic Manufacturing, Los Angeles firms are never more than 6 hours away from on-site engineering.

Serving a Diverse Clientele

As the go-to consumer electronics manufacturer for Silicon Valley and beyond, Sonic Manufacturing is highly adaptable to your needs. A portfolio of professional certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2003, ITAR, and RoHS compliance, underpins our firm’s capacity to cater to different industries.

Whether you need lightning-fast prototypes or seamless high-volume production, Sonic Manufacturing Technologies effortlessly serves clients in highly competitive verticals. Our unwavering commitment and exceptional production capabilities make us the go-to manufacturer for industries in defense, automotive, aerospace, renewable, medical technology, and more.

Experience the Sonic Difference

Looking to corner the market with your new product? Count on our skilled team to make your new product introduction a runaway success. From product formulation to prototyping and production, let us help bring your concepts to life.

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