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engineering prototypes manufacturingWith shorter turnarounds, compressed cycles, and vigilant competitors, you need an engineering prototype company with modern solutions and decades of experience. Sonic Manufacturing serves the San Jose area from our state-of-the-art facility in Fremont, California.

Experienced Prototyping Engineers and Technical Resources

The Bay Area remains a hive of innovation, responsible for developing some of the most sophisticated technologies. At Sonic, we have a team of dedicated resources with decades of experience in new product introduction (NPI) and prototyping services.

Manufacturing in the Bay Area is the fourth biggest contributor to GDP in the region. We can help your organization speed up development and optimize your manufacturing processes with our engineering prototyping services.

Access to a Modern Facility and Decades of Expertise

Since 1996, Sonic has provided comprehensive engineering support services and prototyping solutions to the San Francisco and San Jose areas. Our technical team can assist with any kind of PCB assembly or board layout services, including developing your manufacturing process instructions for optimized production.

We have years of experience in NPI, live prototyping, advanced assembly, and surface mount production capabilities.

Additionally, our team remains dedicated to your success. We can assist by:

  • Developing new MPIs that streamline your manufacturing process
  • Securing your inbound logistics and aiding in component selection
  • Testing designs on live production lines to evaluate manufacturability and identify issues
  • Performing product quality assurance with dedicated test suites

The Importance of Engineering Prototypes in Manufacturing

When developing new products, the features and functionality generally take center stage. However, no matter how well a product performs, it still requires an efficient and consistent manufacturing procedure to ensure success.

We use our live production lines for prototyping, so we can identify any issues with your product’s manufacturability early. Using this information, we’ll optimize your instructions and ensure you can eliminate risk from the process, leading to reliable and predictable results.

Ramping Up Production after Prototyping

Once you’ve optimized the entire product manufacturing process, we’ll assist with all your logistical support. From sourcing the right components as defined in your BOM, to ensuring our live stores can accommodate your desired quantities.

With dedicated testing facilities, complete outbound logistics, and engineering support during every step of the process, Sonic Manufacturing is at your service.

Complete Turnkey Solutions and Reduced Turnarounds from Sonic Manufacturing

We’ll work with your company during every step of your NPI process. With turnkey solutions, product optimization, and engineering support services that reduce turnaround times, Sonic is your ideal engineering prototypes manufacturing partner in the San Jose area.

Sophisticated design and manufacturing solutions depend on technical expertise and a team of dedicated resources. Our electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and contract solutions will ensure you get the quality of products you expect quickly and efficiently every time.

To discuss our manufacturing and live prototyping capabilities, reach out to a Sonic Manufacturing expert today.