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Box Building Services In San Jose

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Our box building services in San Jose cover every aspect of your system integration. With end-to-end support during all the assembly steps, Sonic Manufacturing can speed up your box build and assembly processes.

Our engineers can assist with any level of complexity, from placing a PCB into your box build assembly to more sophisticated processes like connecting PCBAs to HIDs.

System Integration and Box Building Services Under One Roof

Sonic Manufacturing works with teams who need a quality box build and PCB assembly partner in San Jose, California. With capabilities that span data coordination, hardware compatibility analysis, and complex cabling including full-time engineering support, we use our years of expertise in electronic manufacturing to streamline your processes.

Box Building and Electronic System Integration Services

We’ll work with you to shorten the process and develop the necessary instructions for the manual assembly of all your box builds.

Sonic’s box building and system integration services include:

  • System and sub-level assembly
  • Complete product assembly
  • PCB manufacturing and software installation
  • Packaging, labeling, and product configuration
  • Drawings and schematics
  • Warehousing, logistics, and component sourcing

Product Prototyping and Engineering Support for Box Builds

With advanced engineering and assembly capabilities, Sonic Manufacturing remains committed to finding an optimized process. We’ll prototype and iterate designs of your control boxes, servers, electronic management systems, and integrated controllers.

To support your team, we will:

  • Provide box build layout services to minimize assembly times
  • Optimize your basic and complex cabling tasks
  • Conduct analysis for heat management
  • Install (or manufacture) your system PCBs
  • Carry out all the necessary procedures to pass your FAT

Our services cover everything from your CAD drawings, to developing BOMs, and optimizing the manufacturing process and assembly procedure. Once we have the necessary designs and instructions, we can handle any capacity and tooling changes, including developing the test and acceptance criteria.

We can also assist with any other engineering tasks like:

  • PCB layout and assembly
  • Design for test (DFT) and design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Developing process and assembly instructions
  • Sourcing components from previously vetted suppliers

Sonic provides all these services from under one roof, giving you peace of mind and consistent results.

Expert Guidance and Technical Support in San Jose with Sonic Manufacturing

To guarantee you get the quality you need, we maintain a variety of manufacturing certifications and have modern assembly lines available to handle all your electronic manufacturing needs. If you need to start a new box build project or want some help with reviewing your current design, our engineers are ready to assist.

With advanced manufacturing becoming a necessity in almost every industry, Sonic serves all major markets including the aerospace, military, aviation, and automotive sectors. Whatever dimension or complexity your electronic control box needs to be, we’ll work with you to ensure the final product’s reliability and quality.

To start optimizing your box building processes in San Jose, Sacramento, and across the Bay Area, call Sonic Manufacturing for a quote today.