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Flip Chip Assembly Services

In your PCBA assemblies, flip chip ball grid arrays (BGAs) are essential to many electronic devices that require a reliable, integrated connection. For high-frequency applications, our flip chip assembly services ensure reliable semiconductor operations at a reasonable cost.

BGA Flip Chip Assembly Services in Fremont

At Sonic, we work with product development teams that depend on speed, flexibility, and precision for every PCBA assembly. Our engineering team understands that the manufacturing workflow for each BGA flip chip assembly depends on an optimized production sequence that integrates each circuit without compromising the substrate, solder bumps, or wafer materials.

Surface Mount Technology and Flip Chip Assembly Services

With surface mount technology (SFT), flip chip assembly is a cost-effective and flexible method for producing high-quality PCBs suitable for automotive, medical, aerospace, and consumer electronic applications.

We have an extensive list of PCB flip chip assembly services including:

  • Board layout and engineering design
  • Design for test (DFT) and design for manufacturing (DFM)
  • System integration and box build solutions
  • Complete turnkey services to speed up your time to market

Advantages of Flip Chip Assemblies

In interconnection assembly processes, flip chip bonding provides a higher I/O count within the area of the die. Shorter interconnection paths allow you to increase the speed of connections compared to wire bonds.

You also get:

  • Higher packaging density
  • Improved performance
  • Shorter assembly cycle times
  • Better signal density and operational reliability

The Sonic Advantage for Flip Chip Assemblies

Launching a new product requires multiple design assessments including manufacturability, testability, and assembly process optimization. Sonic has the required technology, people, and processes to help you achieve product success within the shortest timeframe. We operate from a modern facility in Fremont and serve the Silicon Valley, San Jose, and Bay Area.

Our engineers work with teams of any size to ensure each assembly, box build, or turnkey product passes internal QA and QC protocols before leaving the loading dock. With Sonic, you gain time, cost, and quality benefits with near-shoring manufacturing expertise that will enable you to outperform competitors every time.

Sonic’s PCBA Flip Chip Assembly Services in Fremont

With a flexible approach and automated supply chain solutions that streamline all your component sourcing, Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is here to assist with all your flip chip assembly services, wafer bumping design, and process optimization needs. We can help you to improve your manufacturing process sequences, review your substrate, layer, and material property designs, and help with board layout and engineering to optimize the assembly’s overall performance and reliability.

If you need to optimize your manufacturing process with a dedicated team of professionals, reach out by emailing to discuss our flip chip assembly services today.