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PCB Layout Services

pcb board layoutAt Sonic Manufacturing, located in the heart of Silicon Valley in Fremont, we help you turn a concept into a product with our PCB layout and design services. As production cycles continue to contract and products need to get to market faster than ever before, you’ll need a team of engineers and technicians that are dedicated to your product’s success. Sonic Manufacturing’s comprehensive PCB layout capabilities ensure you can find an optimized design for your next innovative product.

Support for any PCB Layout Scenario

Our team of engineers works with you throughout the full design flow of your product. For more than twenty years, Sonic Manufacturing has provided Bay Area product designers with a convenient onshore manufacturing and engineering option. We’ve spent years developing an eco-system that thrives under the current market pressures and can respond to challenges effectively.

Bay Area PCB Layout and Engineering Services

Sonic Manufacturing uses live production lines to carry out the prototyping processes of your products. This ensures we qualify your product’s overall design and manufacturing process prior to moving to a full production cycle. All our resources work under the same roof for improved communication and collaboration during the process.

Our PCB layout and engineering services include:

  • Component selection, engineering, and sourcing
  • Board layout from schematic to Gerber files and drawings
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM) and Design for test (DFT) optimization
  • Development of manufacturing process instructions (MPI)

If you’re currently bringing a new product to market, optimizing an existing product, or need to design a new PCB from scratch, Sonic Manufacturing can assist.

Quality Engineered PCBs from Sonic Manufacturing

Our facility uses modern surface mount production lines that provide additional flexibility during the development, test, and manufacturing process. We can also respond to design changes and ensure only the latest, accurate information reaches the production line. You can find out more about our manufacturing facility and capabilities here.

Sonic Manufacturing’s PCB layout and manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Flex PCBs
  • Rigid PCBs
  • Rigid-flex PCBs

More products today rely on flex or rigid-flex PCB designs. These types of PCBs regularly feature in medical devices, military applications, wearable telecommunication equipment, and aerospace platforms. We have extensive experience in developing the right base and layer count for your new PCB’s design.

Extensive Engineering Support throughout the PCB Layout and Manufacturing Process

Sonic Manufacturing also provides extensive in-house engineering support. From choosing your product’s packaging and branding to ensuring the availability of inventory in accordance with your forecasts, we work with you every step of the way.

We use an automated supply chain solution (called HAL) to source 1,000,000 components every week. This makes us uniquely suited to ensure shorter turn-around times and we can usually deliver within half of the expected lead time. Sonic Manufacturing also uses advanced analysis tools to measure, test, and detect defects of any component used in our process.

Serving the Bay Area since 1996

From our headquarters in Fremont, California, we serve San Jose, Silicon Valley, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and across the Bay Area. This means your product designers can visit our facility and keep a close eye on the process during every step of the project. If you need access to a team of dedicated professionals who’ll work diligently to ensure your product’s success, Sonic Manufacturing is in your corner.

If you need a dedicated PCB layout company in the Bay Area, call Sonic Manufacturing on 510-560-3262 or complete our contact form today.