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Circuit Board Manufacturing

pcbaIf you need access to a reliable circuit board manufacturing partner, Sonic Manufacturing should be your first contact. Our team of experts and rich product development experience can help any product designer with a reliable and robust platform for the next generation of devices.

With a facility that supports shorter turnaround times and doesn’t compromise on quality, Sonic Manufacturing has the team and tools to help you bring your products to market efficiently.

Quality Circuit Board Manufacturing in the Bay Area

Our 85,000-square-feet facility uses the latest manufacturing technologies to streamline production processes and component sourcing techniques, including testing and release functions. We’ve been serving the Bay Area from our headquarters in Fremont since 1996, helping product teams optimize their designs and develop improved manufacturing solutions for all major industries.

Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Complete engineering lifecycle support during every stage of the process
  • New product introduction (NPI) from prototyping to full production
  • Circuit board layout and optimization including design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for test (DFT)
  • Inbound and outbound logistics support including white labeling and component sourcing
  • Extensive certifications and dedicated test suites to remain compliant with the latest manufacturing process standards

Benefits of Circuit Board Manufacturing with Sonic Manufacturing

Sonic Manufacturing started in 1996 and we continue to grow under the leadership of a seasoned technical management team. We also have all our support and technical resources under one roof, allowing us to deal with challenges quickly and efficiently. For prototyping, we use one of our live production lines to ensure we find all design constraints and optimize the manufacturing process instructions (MPIs).

To help you achieve your goals, we support any printed circuit board manufacturing technology. Sonic understands that getting from your design to a final manufacturing process and product fulfillment on orders is what you need. To ensure your product’s success, we use an agile approach to all our printed circuit board manufacturing processes.

Along with PCB design, layout, prototyping, and assembly, our production services also provide:

Partnering with Sonic as Your Circuit Board Manufacturing Service Company

Since 1996, we’ve been supporting teams in Silicon Valley, San Jose, Hayward, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Burlingame. For printed circuit board designers that needed to onshore their manufacturing requirements, we’ve been a preferred partner and reliable manufacturing solution using the latest production technologies. We also offer the shortest turnaround times from prototype to full production, while staying adaptable enough to deal with any changes in forecasts.

To find out more about Sonic Manufacturing’s printed circuit board manufacturing solutions, contact us for a quote today.