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Orbweaver Sourcing Case Study
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Orbweaver Sourcing Case Study: Sonic Manufacturing Purchase Order Automation Next-Level Efficiencies Achieved through API Integration With aspirations of a fully automated and digitally integrated supply chain, Sonic Manufacturing selected Orbweaver for integration with its suppliers, the first partnership of its kind in the electronics industry. Sonic provides contract manufacturing solutions to support its NPI business model, and needed a purchasing solution that was as precise, d…
Realizing the Value of an Electronic Prototype Partner
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Creating an electronic prototype is essential to new product introduction. No matter how well designed the board is, it’s always possible for mistakes and problems to occur that might jeopardize your product’s functionality. You need to catch these issues before the initial production run, which is why an electronic prototype partner is critical before moving ahead with the manufacturing process. Why Working with an Electronic Prototype Partner is Important Prototypes are essential to …
Digital Supply Chain
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By Mark Lawton, Supply Chain World Magazine Every week, more than 1 million electronic components arrive at Sonic Manufacturing Technologies. Of those, over 500,000 are delivered to Sonic without human touch and within three days of ordering. Sonic is a contract electronics manufacturer located in the Silicon Valley. The company partners with more than 100 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), about 80 percent of which are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sonic’s 85,000-s…
Speed and Agility
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For Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, the No. 1 goal is making customers happy and successful. “Everything is so razor focused on that one goal,” Vice President of Supply Chain David Ginsberg declares. Regardless of schedule compression or engineering changes, delivering on time is Sonic’s highest priority. [Supply Chain World Article PDF] In many companies, he notes, the various departments are at odds. For example, financial departments are incentivized to reduce inventory while customer se…
Net Zero Energy as Competitive Advantage to Produce More in US?
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Energy usage is under strict surveillance as many states push hard to lower their carbon footprint.  California has been particularly aggressive in these goals and in 2017, the California Public Utilities Commission introduced the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan which sets specific goals for the development of zero net energy buildings. An energy-efficient building is defined as one where the actual annual consumed energy is less than or equal to the on-site renewable ge…