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Backplane Assembly

Backplane Assembly Services in the Bay Area

To get the reliability you need from your backplane assemblies, you need a manufacturing partner with the right technical expertise and the shortest possible lead times. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies provides end-to-end backplane assembly services to product teams in the Bay Area, Mountain View, Milpitas, San Jose, and Fremont.

Certified Backplane Assembly Services Under One Roof

With a modern facility situated in Fremont, Sonic Manufacturing works with the leaders in network and telecommunication technologies to deliver certified backplane assembly services. Whether your design uses printed circuit boards, expansion cards, or requires wire-wrapped backplanes, our team remains committed to your product’s success.

Benefits of Working with Sonic for Backplane Assemblies

We have the engineering support and state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions you need. Our technical team will work with you to optimize the layout and can handle any production levels you require using a highly automated assembly process.

Sonic brings many benefits to the table including:

  • Optimized supply chain solutions with automated component sourcing
  • JIT inventory management with inbound/outbound logistic support
  • Prototyping and new product introduction (NPI) with manual finishing services if needed

To ensure you get the quality backplane assemblies that your products depend on, we maintain the highest industry standards for all our manufacturing processes. You can see a full list of our manufacturing standards and certifications here.

We also offer complete turnkey solutions, quick-turn manufacturing capabilities, and bring agility to your entire supply chain with automated component sourcing. 

Backplane Assembly Manufacturing Capabilities

To accelerate your time to market, we provide the latest backplane assembly manufacturing techniques including blind or buried vias, low-loss laminates, thick-film resistors, and RoHS-compliant finishes. With a dedicated test suite, we can ensure your products operate reliably and we’ll help you iron out any issues with design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for test (DFT) services.

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is an industry leader in backplane assembly services that include build-to-order (BTO) and configure-to-order (CTO) solutions. With Sonic, you get:

  • Decades of industry experience and a full suite of engineering services
  • Hardware and software integration with extensive reliability testing
  • Expert analysis and system integration for your products that require advanced backplane assemblies

Comprehensive Backplane Assembly Services in Fremont

Sonic Manufacturing can assist with all your electronic assembly needs from our headquarters in Fremont, California. We work with you to find the ideal process while reducing the cost of your products without compromising on quality. For any team that needs an expert manufacturing partner who can deliver prototypes in a matter of days, you can trust Sonic to deliver.

For more information about our backplane assembly services and production capabilities, call us at 510-580-8500 or send an email to