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Building the First Autonomous Digital Supply Chain

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David Ginsberg just completed the digital supply chain. Now he wants to show other companies how to do it.

Sonic serves virtually every industry in Silicon Valley,’ David Ginsberg, VP of Supply Chain for Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, tells me. ‘Medical, military, aerospace, consumer, industrial sensors, entertainment systems, automotive, drones…you name it, we’ve probably got it in the building.’ Sonic is the largest electronics manufacturing service (EMS) in the Valley. To put that into perspective, Ginsberg’s team manages about 30,000 part numbers annually and procures a million parts per week.

But what we’re here to talk to David about today is the first digital supply chain in the electronics industry. ‘This has been a roughly 20-year project,’ he says. ‘Before we even started calling it a digital supply chain, many of us were frustrated that data quality never kept up with the real world. You were constantly fighting your own bad data on top of normal business delays. So we started working on the problem early on.’

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