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Supply Chain Data Analyst / Engineer

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is the proud owner of the first (only?) Digital Supply Chain in the electronics industry. A project started more than 20 years ago, before the term “Digital Supply Chain” existed, and continues to evolve and expand to this day. 

Currently the computer solves for data accuracy, calculates demand, finds components through supplier connectivity, procures by business rules, confirms orders, obtains status, issues change order, tracks shipments, receives invoices and authorizes payments; all autonomously. This is about 65% of our procurement activity of 1.5M parts per week from leading suppliers around the globe. Half the parts bought arrive at our building within 4 business days of new demand. There is nothing faster or more accurate than a Digital Supply Chain.

If you are a student with a business or supply chain degree, with coursework in data analytics or sql programming; we want to hear from you. If you have experience but grow tired of producing wall metrics for conference room committees and dashboards for managers that never seem to change the business; we want to make you an offer you can’t refuse: 

Program your mind and hands into the digital supply chain as an extension of yourself and watch it unfold into transactions around the globe, shipments traversing terminals, components moving into inventory, production launched in the factory and physical product handed to customers. If your ideas don’t result in physical products; you gain instant feedback from the world (Truth) and get to do better in Round 2. 

Qualifications? Mostly character. There are so few people qualified to do this; we teach. If you want to have an impact on 100 Silicon Valley technology companies (including name brands you know), the livelihood of hundreds of employees successfully competing with global firms and “China”, and be first to build-out the digital infrastructure that is the future-state of supply chains; this is for you. If, however, you enjoy creating charts, metrics and dashboards for others to read, respin, ignore or act; this is probably not for you. Think “Chess”: Your opponent is the current state of affairs, and your mind rearranges the pieces: In the end you pick up the King as proof you were correct.

The Routine? Your time will be split between procurement and programming so you learn the real world as a part of the purchasing team; experiencing their same problems and always asking, “How can I do this better?” We will brainstorm the changes to processes and coding, rev it into the live supply chain and experience the results. Our internal timeframe for a coding project is measured in minutes, hours or days. Longer horizons are only limited by the speed of external partners and suppliers.

Interested? Questions? Talk to me. Are you qualified? Most probably, “Yes”. If you come in as an “analyst” you will most likely leave as an engineer.

No H1 visas at this time. Recruiters not accepted.

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