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3 Industries (Besides IT) That Can’t Survive Without Custom Cable Assembly

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When was the last time you’ve stepped into one of Silicon Valley’s top-tier data centers?

If it’s been a few years, these facilities are now operating with power, cooling, communication, and security measures like never before. Some data centers can even provide up to 20kW per cabinet across 90,000 square feet of space.

To put it simply, that’s a lot of power requirements. These facilities all rely on custom cable assemblies to provide the utilities they need.

What is Custom Cable Assembly?

In basic terms, custom cable assemblies are a group of wires or cables that carry power or signals from one point to another. These wires, whether they are coaxial, high-density, or anything in between, are housed in an outer shell that could be made of various materials depending on the environment and need for the assembly.

Not only does this protect the cables inside from being damaged, but it also makes installation easier because all of the necessary wires are already connected and enclosed in one place.

Industries That Rely on Custom Cable Assembly

It’s fairly obvious that IT and computing will need a variety of custom cable assembly options to power the servers and machines to keep the internet up and running for the rest of the world. But here are three other industries that rely on custom cable assembly just as much.

1. Aerospace and Automotive

The average airplane has anywhere from 40 to 320 miles of cables, each sending a different signal to a different piece of the plane.

Each of these components require specific power levels or communication to make them work. You wouldn’t want to use the same cable setup for the cable lights as you would the landing gear, because they have different signals and voltage requirements.

Plus, with all of this cable, grouping your wires together for one component reduces the risk of human error and catastrophic system failure.

2. Healthcare

Medical facilities are another area where custom cable assembly is absolutely necessary. X-rays, MRI machines, and other medical equipment require a lot of power. And that’s not even considering everyday electricity usage throughout the building. In fact, the average hospital uses 31 kWh of electricity per square foot each year.

In a life and death situation – which is the case in hospitals – you need to make sure your electrical and communications connections meet the power, cooling, and bandwidth specifications for each individual machine.

3. Commercial and Residential Construction

This might not be the most obvious industry to need custom cable assemblies, but consider the amount of technology options that go into new homes and businesses. Houses are now generally wired to allow for smart devices that control anything from the lights to the temperature through voice commands.

Offices are installing more innovative technology to stay on the cutting edge, so commercial buildings require custom cable assemblies to provide more power density. And that’s not even considering the necessary assemblies for heating, cooling, and other basic functions.

Custom Cable Assembly For Your Business Needs

Whether it’s designing the next rocket to bring astronauts into space or providing power to servers for one of Silicon Valley’s next great startups, your business can only be as successful as the equipment you use to power it.

Don’t risk critical outages and fried cables by using pre-made cable assemblies. You should work with a trusted manufacturer to develop a custom cable assembly for each of your business functions.

Sonic Manufacturing will work with you to quickly and effectively design and produce the assemblies you need to move your business forward. Contact us today to see how we can help you.