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Custom Wire Harnesses in San Jose, CA

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies knows that high-quality custom wire harnesses are essential for a successful electronics product. A harness is more than just a collection of wires and cables, it’s a complex component through which flows the electrical signals that drive your product. A low quality harness can cause substandard operation and premature failure. A top quality harness ensures that your product has a long operational life.

To obtain the highest quality performance, you need to partner with a custom wire harness manufacturer that knows how important harnesses are to your product’s success. Sonic Manufacturing Technologies is that partner—a company known throughout San Jose for its high quality manufacturing and design.

Wire Harness Assemblies That Protect and Organize

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies works with you to design the customer wire harnesses you need for your products. We design our wire harnesses to withstand tough use and even tougher environmental conditions. Unlike inferior wire harnesses that can deteriorate and cause costly failures, our products are built to last.

Sonic wire harnesses also help provide a clean internal structure for your product. Our harnesses are designed with organization in mind, which puts an end to messy and often self-destructive cabling.

Custom Wire Harnesses for Every Need

Sonic offers wire harness design and prototyping through final assembly and product testing. We can custom design the exact wire harness you need, to your specifications and on your timetable. We’re committed to high-quality production, competitive pricing, and maintaining manufacturing jobs in the San Jose area.

We can produce custom wire harnesses for all your unique equipment, for machine applications, box builds, automotive, medical devices, semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace, and medical devices.

Our skilled and experienced engineers can help you design wire harnesses for custom configurations that integrate the most sophisticated multiple interconnects. We offer a full array of wire harness design and assembly services, including:

  • Build-to-print
  • Prototyping
  • Pre-production optimization
  • Low-volume production runs
  • Automated cutting and wire processing
  • Heat shrinking and labeling

Our skilled technicians can design assemblies for any type of wire arrangement, and we have the manufacturing capacity to supply virtually any quantity you need.

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies—The Premier Manufacturer of Custom Wire Harness Assemblies in San Jose, CA

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies has been designing custom wire harness assemblies for more than 25 years. We are the leading custom wire harness manufacturer in the San Jose, CA area. We design and manufacture wire harnesses for many diverse companies, and our professionalism and expertise has earned us numerous repeat customers. Whatever your custom wire harnessneeds, consider Sonic Manufacturing Technologies – the local choice for companies in San Jose, CA.

When you are in the market for custom wire assembly services, request a quote online or contact us at (510) 580-8500 or