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Design Prototype Development with Sonic Manufacturing

In electronic manufacturing, developing and testing functional prototypes is an essential milestone to pass between the design state and bringing new products to market. Without effective prototyping, any number of unseen design flaws – both for products and manufacturing processes – can pass into later stages, running up costs, or killing projects outright.

In addition to keeping bugs and design flaws out of production, prototyping electronics helps engineers establish proof of concept and demonstrate intellectual property. For these reasons, it’s crucial for manufacturers developing new electronic devices to incorporate thorough prototyping into design processes.

Sonic Manufacturing specializes in end-to-end prototype development for printed circuit boards, flex circuits, and various kinds of electro-mechanical assemblies.

How Sonic Manufacturing Does Design Prototype Development

To get projects production-ready, our prototype development services address critical engineering and manufacturing concerns.

Development from Design State

We can begin prototype development at the level of schematic design. Once your engineers have a workable concept, we take over materials management, supply chain logistics, and parts procurement.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Design for manufacturability (DFM) helps businesses choose parts and production processes that ease manufacturing, resulting in both better products and lower production overhead. At Sonic Manufacturing, we apply DFM principles to every stage of prototype development to ensure superior functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Fast Manufacturing

Iterative processes like prototyping can easily bottleneck product development if every minor design adjustment or DFM recommendation results in extended downtime for creating new custom parts. Using design automation software, our prototype development teams identify opportunities for improvement and accelerate turnaround times.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Development

Developing comprehensive and accurate bills of materials (BOMs) is essential to calculating the total production cost of new products and their potential ROI. In the prototyping process, Sonic builds out BOMs not only for parts and assemblies used in products ready to ship, but also for substitute parts, packaging materials, and storage requirements.

Prototype Development and Fast Manufacturing for Printed Circuit Boards, Flex Circuits, and Flex-Rigid Circuits

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies’ team of prototype design experts streamline prototype development and manufacturing process design for clients in a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense, biotech, medical devices, networking, robotics, and renewable technologies. With cutting-edge DFM and fast manufacturing capabilities, we offer our clients complete turnkey services.

For rapid design prototype development in Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, San Jose, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Salt Lake City, and Sacramento, contact Sonic Manufacturing Technologies.